Social Media Agency Feature: Fame Per Second – Not Another Advertising Factory

Who are we?

We are a cohesive unit of curious minds. We believe in asking the WHY? Because, that makes the HOW easier! We believe nothing is a cliché. Everyone has a story to tell. It can be a logo, a 140-character tirade, film, blog, graffiti, revolution…. We are here to tell some really good stories.

What’s in the name?

The speed of light is measured in metre per second. Like the light from the flashbulbs.

Sound is measured in metre per second. Like the sound of applause.

As movie buffs, our idea of being successful is very cinema-like, accompanied by thundering applause and flashbulbs!

Success to us in measured in fame per second!

What we do?

We love telling stories, through:





Entertainment properties

Digital & Social Media

Original and Branded Content

New Media

Why we do it?

Back in the summer of 2012, when Suman Sen and Sani Ghose Ray formed Fame Per Second along with founding member Sankha Acharya, the objective was simple – being the difference in an industry, stuck in a time warp with nothing new to offer.


Being an organic extension of India’s most sought after production designing outfit, Acropolis Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Fame Per Second had to make it happen. We wanted to capitalise on Calcutta’s reluctance to evolve with time and the ignorance about the power of social and digital media.

How we evolve?

The 3-member core has now expanded to a 14-member team. With more dreamers (that’s what they call themselves as) joining the team, Fame Per Second thrives to dream the impossible now.

It is difficult to categorise us, but we would love to be addressed as a Content Marketing Boutique. Although we have a slight bias towards Digital and New media, and are future focused, we don’t believe that print media is dead.

The audience has evolved, bringing with it a radical shift in the content creation. We believe that it is our core strength. At the end of the day, the big picture matters to us – we have shifted from digital and social to the big data analytics. Problem solving is our superpower, data analytics being our weapon!

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media is a transparent state. And with advanced transparency, the crime-angle through Social Media has increased manifold.

While we create the social media content for all our clients, we do not endorse posts which are provocative, derogatory or hurts any kind of sentiment.

Need of the hour

While most of the brands are yet to get a hang of Social Media, we immediately need these two docs for the betterment of a client-agency r’ship.

  1. Responsibility Assignment Matrix – Clients and digital agencies should immediately chalk out a RAM so that there remains a proper synchronization between the two orgs.
  1. Digital Policy – Designing a social media policy is what we need at the very first instance.

For e.g.

What are staffs allowed to say on social media? What is acceptable and unacceptable?

Having a social media policy provides security for staff (they know what they are allowed to do), but also prevents the need to discuss every tweet before it is posted.

Other policies could include:

Accessibility – Who will have access to the page?

Content removal – Who will monitor the content?

Writing style – What will be the tone, and language?

Design style – What would be the design pattern?

Crisis management – What if someone presses the panic button?

We learned the hard way

  1. A brand insisted us to keep posting all about their product and product only. We stuck to the plan only to realize a couple of months later that Social Media is not broadcast media. No wonder, we parted ways!
  2. We should ask the client about a digital budget first before talking about the retainership fee.
  3. Brands who still expect an organic growth made us learn that there is no free dinner on SNSs these days.
  4. This one is our favorite: Independent agency is not a vendor.
  5. Last, icing on the cake, people still treats digital and social media as add-ons to offline media.

Did we just share that?

“Please prepare a paid ad plan from your retainership fees!” 

They work with us

To speak of a few,

4 SBUs of The Telegraph: t2, metro, YOU, TTIS;

Radio station of Ananda Bazaar Patrika – 91.9 Friends FM

All 5 brands from the house of ABP.
Industry as we foresee

Content strategy will be curved out of data analytics. Data of the audience will be studied to create more meaningful stories.

Campaigns are already being created out of behavioral data. This will emerge as a stronger option in days to come.

There will be nothing called offline and online. Lines will get blurred as ‘connected’ campaigns will emerge.

A day without Internet

How about a term called “asphyxiation”?

As an afterthought, on that day we will realize the true meaning of ‘Social’ and ‘Networking’.

Lastly, are you hiring?