Berger Paint’s Diwalipanti Campaign Raised Awareness For Cracker Free Diwali

Diwali is one of India’s most celebrated festivals. Symbolically representing the triumph of good over evil, it’s a time for sharing festivities with your near and dear ones. Although the festival is celebrated nationwide, there are several different approaches preferred by different types of people. This is what made Berger’s Diwalipanti campaign so unique, as it catered to a number of audiences with different preferences.

The premise behind Berger’s campaign was to provide an innovative platform that provides entertainment and values to different types of people, via an interesting two-split microsite.

Those who preferred a more traditional approach when it comes to celebrating Diwali were welcomed into the Unplugged zone of the microsite, while those who liked a bit of spice and fun in their celebrations were lured into the Funplugged zone.

With a phenomenal response and an overwhelming Virality Rate of 3.74x, the brand managed to cater to various tastes, uniting everyone through one big idea of ‘Diwalipanti’.