The Biggest Goofup From Times Of India. Period.

Siddharth Das
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The Biggest Goofup From Times Of India. Period.

Times Of India has again managed to stirr up some more controversy for itself by goofing up the condolences of Sachin Tendulkar’s Tweet for Phillip Hughes. Phillip Hughes passed away yesterday in a shocking accident and the cricketing world took to Twitter to offer their heartfelt prayers and condolences. Sachin Tendulkar was one of them to address his death via Twitter.


TOI has made an error of epic proportions by running the Tweet as RIP Sachin Tendulkar. Wonder how Sachin’s fans will react to this blunder of the century.

sachin blooper

First came the outrageous Deepika Padukone article highlighting her cleavage due to which Deepika had completely blasted the news publication. Then came the Bombay Times article, which is a subsidiary of TOI which again tried to stir up some issues in Arjun Rampal’s personal life. This time they’ve gone miles ahead of everyone by killing off the most respected and looked upto cricketing idol of the world.  Well, it remains to be seen whether TOI’s editorial team will ever learn from its mistakes or soon in the future TOI might have to RIP courtesy of these blunders.

Take a look at how Twitter reacted to this mistake from TOI

wtf tweet


rip tweet





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