CEAT Tyres’ Digital Campaign on #Superstition Received Over a Million Impression

Brand Name

CEAT ltd

Agency Name

Digital – Hungama Digital Services

TVC – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Idea (The Core Thought) –

Sometimes one gets nervous or even anxious and worried during travel, puzzled with questions like- will the journey be bumpy? Or whether we will be able to reach the destination safely on time? Etc. Safety is paramount when one travels and also the cause for people to turn towards superstitions and take up measures, which they think will ensure their safety while travelling. For instance, people tend to hang a nimbu mirchi on their car to prevent accidents and ward off bad luck.

But, with CEAT tyres, you needn’t worry anymore. Superstitions will only take you so far. Superior grip of CEAT tyres, takes you all the way. It grips the road like no other. It relieves you of all your troubles.

Objective –

CEAT’s range of SUV tyres are known for their superior grip. The brand, through the new campaign, wanted to reiterate the superior grip positioning of the tyres, and therefore, the preferred choice for preventing accidents.

Execution –

In order to reach the goal, the campaign was run on three platforms – Digital, Social Media and TV Commercial.

  • Social Media


As a social media campaign, CEAT leveraged on prominent, current and relevant topics on Twitter and Facebook subtly inserting the #Superstition Debunked hashtag into the conversation.  We created a series of posts promoting the thought with each post tackling one common superstition.

For example:  if you believe that black cats are unlucky.  Comment if you just think they’re cats.

Results – 2233 total interaction from 17 posts

  • Facebook Post Promotion

Creative – Junk superstition. Trust superior grip.

                 Results – Post promotion on Facebook gathered an average of 0.29% CTR  with 90%    conversion.

  • Facebook Stamp ads

        Results – Facebook Stamp ads posted remarkable average of 3.34% CTR achieved with 89% conversion.

  • Facebook App Games

A Facebook Gaming App amplified the brand proposition.

How it worked?

  • Symbols specific to different superstitions were used to construct the form of a monster. For instance, crows and cats can make up the limbs of the monster. Lemons, chilies, mirrors, eyelashes, full moons, can be used to make up the torso, etc.
  • Users were required to pull the CEAT tyre back and launch it towards the monster.
  • At the end, users could to check their score and compete to feature on the leader board.
  • Users could play the game repeatedly to better their score and beat the time record set
  • Winners on the leader board were gratified based on their scores and time records set


Contest time period – 15 days

Unique new participants – 642

Unique Plays – 977

The game was played for 977 times by 642 unique players in 15 days with total engagement of 20,797.

  • Digital Media (Online)

Digital Thought- Get A Grip reminds our audience that superstitions are limited in their ability to control a situation. And that be it safety or control, it all boils down to superior grip.

An interactive banner that promotes the idea of CEAT’s Superior Grip was created. It was published on the range of sites such as Carwale, TOI & Google.

Upon expanding the banner, a game would appear, which ask users what it takes to ‘Get a Grip’. The small game was integrated into the banner to get users hooked.

Results – Innovation banners garnered 1,006,314 impressions with an average of 0.14% CTR in 5 days.

  • Mobile In-app banner
  •  TV Commercial

CEAT signed actor Irfan Khan to promote this campaign on TV.

The TVC opens with Irrfan Khan driving a SUV in rough terrain. His co-passenger is seen trying to tie a nimbu-mirchi mala which is often used to ward off ill luck. Khan is bemused and asks the co passenger the purpose of tying Nimbu Mirchi. The other man replies that it is for a safe journey! As they talk, a man suddenly comes in front of the car. Khan manages to hit the brake just in time, thereby preventing an accident. He tells the other man that the nimbu-mirchi won’t save him, but CEAT

tyres will. The next visual shows the car climbing a slope easily with the CEAT tyres. As the car moves along we can hear Irrfan Khan joke that they should make lemonade and drink it.


  • 275,974 impressions on Youtube with 20.50% CTR.
  • 16% avg. viewed the complete TVC from mobile.
  • 120,635 views on Vdopia with 16.66% CTR