An Open Letter To Kamaal R Khan

Meera Rai
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An Open Letter To Kamaal R Khan

Dear KRK,

We already know you as the self-proclaimed movie critic, other than being a creepy cad that you are on Twitter. Well, after reading most of your tweets, I think, I must sincerely request the women clan on Twitter to kindly scroll to the right & unfollow you for the disrespectful 2-rupee talks you shower women celebs with.

Starting with a tweet about how disappointed you are with Bollywood beauties not having a butt like Kim Kadarshian, you tweet to your fans on Twitter, asking them to vote by asking them to RT who has the biggest butt in Bollywood among Parineeti Chopra, Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone. I mean wow. On one hand, you debut in a Bollywood film like Desh Drohi & on the other hand you prove to be just that! *Clap-Clap*

I mean look at your audacity of openly holding your so-called survey of such a high stature to choose the sexiest Bollywood beauty, based on the hugeness of their butt size. And then there are those who openly encourage your behavior on social media.

I appreciate the fact that our Bollywood actresses these days, show that they are not okay with the inappropriate talks about women. Kudos to women like Deepika Padukone & Sonakshi Sinha for giving it back.

Though you apologized to Sonakshi after reading her tweet, the tweet that followed was an utter 2-rupee talk.

Well Mr. Actor, Producer & Critic, may be you missed out on a few lessons before you created that Twitter account of yours.

Didn't someone tell you that you need to be a little more respectful while expressing yourself on social media networks & not take the advantage of tweeting crap about women, just because you are hiding behind a computer?

I mean when I used to be one of your followers, I would see you tweet every now & then just to prove than you are a social animal, & because you have a Twitter account!

Only because you have the freedom to express your thoughts online for free, don't your finger tips ache while putting out wasteful tweets that insult women?

Well, let me tell you that you might just be underestimating the power of a woman. She being a commoner, or a famous public figure doesn't give you the right to talk ill about her openly. I promise, you would make a slightly nicer human if you pay heed to these social media conducts.

I find this world filled with utter hypocrites who talk about women empowerment & by the end of it, encourage people who talk disrespectfully about women.

I would really urge all women & real men to unfollow you for talking disrespectfully about a woman on a public domain. I have done my bit. Hoping you learn a lesson when fans unfollow you. Awaiting a tweet of apology sooner.



A Disgusted Woman.


KRK Actresses



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