Social Media Agency Feature: OMLogic – A Digital Media Services and Products Company

Who are we?

OMLogic – A Digital Media Services & Products Company

OMLogic is an 8-year old Digital Media Agency with expertise in social communications at its core. One of the first entrants in this arena, OMLogic was originally established as an Online Strategy Consulting Company.

With Mr. Kapil Gupta as the CEO, we have evolved from being a services company to being an incubation centre for some ground-breaking proprietary digital products aimed at revolutionizing the way world looks at the reach and results achievable via digital medium.

With brand, marketing and digital channel expertise, experience and exposure derived via working with brands spread across a variety of niches, we have mastered the art of customer engagement, brand evangelism, and creating true brand communities (and not just platforms that blabber about brand USP’s). Our foray into conceptualizing and developing social products has too been inspired by challenges faced while defining effective brand communication.

We are currently working on 2 such products – Mad On Ads and Efluencr.

What’s in the name?

OMLogic stands for ‘Online Marketing Logic’ for when we came into play, ‘digital’ and ‘social’ were no words of common knowledge. Everything that happened online was called ‘Online Marketing’ and hence the name.

PS: Please don’t read us as ‘Om Logic’!
What we do?

Social Media Marketing

  • Community Management
  • Content Creation and Propagation
  • Comment Marketing
  • Corporate Blogging
  • Viral Marketing

Digital PR

  • Perception Management
  • Brand Promotion
  • Celebrity Engagement
  • Digital Meetups & Events
  • Strategic Collaborations

Interactive Apps & Games – Web/Mobile/FB

  • Cross-platform games and apps
  • Custom games for unique gamification

Websites, SEO, e-commerce

  • Corporate brand sites
  • E-commerce development
  • Reach via social-search
  • Brand videos, photo shoots
  • Portals & Vortals

Digital/Social Products

  • Eluencr
  • Mad On Ads

Why we do it?

We love doing it. We don’t know how to do anything else. If not this, what would we be doing!

We entered the industry thinking we would be the coolest at what we do. And, that’s why we do what we do.

How we evolve?

We have been doing social media marketing in India even before India knew social media. How we have evolved has been simply by putting our client’s customers first. In social media, it can’t be about what my client wants, it’s about what the client’s customers, the users of what I churn out in social media want. Fighting sticky battles with brands and educating them ongoingly has been a mantra to success.

We have been spending considerable time in identifying the gaps in the current digital platforms and what would brands actually want above and beyond. And that is how we initiated the process of developing social platforms as a secret sauce for our customers.

Apart from this, constant knowledge sharing; attending seminars, talks and workshops; holding team discussions to facilitate exchange of ideas are other means to ensure that everyone in the team gets to learn something new every day.

Social responsibility in social media

There are three aspects of it:

First: As the creators and propagators of content for brands over digital media, there is a constant effort to provide correct and unbiased information to the audience. Brand loyalty stays at the core of what we do, but misleading the audience is neither the way of life at brands that we work for nor at OMLogic. We call a spade a spade when we talk to the client as well as to the audience.

Second: One of our key philosophies is to only take up work that we believe in (We refused to do ORM for someone facing rape allegations). We are clear with the kind of associations we want to build and work we want to do, and it guides us through and through.

Third: There’s a lot of community service and non-profit digital/social work that we do out of passion. We run one of the largest and buzziest women safety communities – Delhi For Women Safety; several Delhi centric communities – Delhi Says, Pedal On Delhi, Delhi Loves Buses; health and wellness communities – Let’s Be Healthy, entertainment communities – Bollywoodist. These are the communities that are a result of passion of various team members who believe in curating conversations that could bring a difference.

Need of the hour

The brands need to identify the true purpose of being online and how they can generate maximum genuine loyal evangelists there. Guerrilla marketing worked some few years back. It is a total no-no in the current times. We think Brands/agency should be looking at utilizing their existing evangelists like employees, distributors, and channel partners etc to increase their share of voice online. No agency with few hundred fake profiles can win the digital battle for any brand. This in fact beats the entire purpose of being social.

We think a digital media marketing/communication ethical guidelines framework is needed as a directing force to everybody wanting to leverage this medium. Social media gave the consumers* (*who were till then a passive party) a voice. Let this voice be true, genuine and credible.

We learned the hard way

Running a social media agency is about taking care of your employees. It is about your ability to work with a young, vibrant, idea driven, passionate and socially active set of individuals. Provide them an environment that has the perfect balance of work and fun and you will be successful.

On the client site, remember, you cannot buy love/fans on social. The engagement that brands do has to be more than just point driven. It needs to touch the hearts of the readers/viewers and it needs to stir them to a level that they associate with you long-term.

Did we just share that?

Client: I don’t like the background of this creative. Brighten it up. And, please don’t use yellow, red, blue or green… they look very chatak!

Us: We shall put up an interstitial page on the website for this campaign

Client: What’s that?

Us: Simply speaking, it’s a splash shot that opens up before the homepage.

Client: No splash please, I don’t want any water on my website!

They work with us


  • HBO Basic
  • HBO Premium – Defined & Hits


  • Oriflame
  • Very Me

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies – Dehradun

University of Technology and Management – Shillong

IamSME of India

Hexaware Technologies

SF Cables

Political Parties / Personalities

Government Departments

Industry as we foresee

Social media is all set to go through a complete transformation in the next couple of years. Brands will need to figure out how to get their employees and other friends/family to become their online evangelists.

There will be newer platforms that will change how brands use social. Instead of brands having to imitate individuals to build social relationships, there will be a new methodology of brand-consumer relationship that will come about. This will further translate into brand focused social networking platforms.

A day without Internet

Coffee / tea, chats sessions, PJ sessions, cricket, badminton on the terrace or even better – ‘All Hands’ (Our team meeting where everybody is free to follow their heart and say anything about anything).

Lastly, are you hiring?