10 Exasperating Things Clients Say. #6 Will Baffle You.

If you’ve been dealing with clients on a regular basis, you might have gotten used to their absurd and sometimes un-achievable deadlines and expectations. Like asking for viral content while having zero budget and putting forth ridiculous marketing ideas that will completely switch off your brains. Take a look at these one-liners that will make you go WHAAAAT?

1. This time Payment is delayed



2. Yaar, Give me one more option





3. You see Mr. XYZ can you try to make the language more flowery.







4. We will use this idea later




  1. Boss Needs Better numbers



  1. Let’s go all out with digital. But we have zero budgets. Give us a plan.




7. Deadline was yesterday.




8. *Register the hashtag in our name*




  1. *I’ll RT it. My network is huge. You won’t believe, but I have 100 followers!




 10. You should have reminded me to approve



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