Here Are 15 Simple Tips That Will Help You Click Better Instagram Pictures

Maulik Kalamthekar
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Here Are 15 Simple Tips That Will Help You Click Better Instagram Pictures

Instagram has millions hooked to photography; well that’s what they feel they are doing. It has become essential to click the perfect Insta Pic. Here’s a comprehensive list of tips to click amazeball Instagram pictures and get those precious likes.

1. Pick the right phone

Yeah that’s right, if you don’t have an awesome camera you can’t take killer pictures.  Choose a phone with high resolution cameras and in-built image stabilization and other snazzy camera features.

2. Use your Phone camera

There’s nothing worse than a good photo that is just a little off. Use phone’s camera app so that you can experiment and improve on your photography with trial and error. The photos taken with your camera app are of a higher quality and with the HDR function you can be sure that your snap is going to grab eyeballs.


3. Natural lighting always works best

A Sunny Day and bright night go best with your photos. The Golden Hour and the Blue hour are the best times to take any picture. Don’t rely too much on flash; it won’t give the best possible result.


4. Try not to zoom much

Your phone camera maybe the best around but it still hasn’t the zoom of a DSLR. Instagram doesn’t do well with zoomed images. Pixelated pictures don’t get that many likes you know.  So try to taking close shots if you need detail.

5. Multiple shots for more options

Moments are precious and you don’t want to regret capturing it badly. So take multiple shots for more options later.

6. Pick your filter wisely

This one takes some intuition. Sensibly choose your filter as per the theme or feeling you want to portray. You don’t want your food porn photos to look unappetizing, Oh No! For example, Amaro, Mayfair, and Early bird go really well if you want to show warmth in your pictures. Note - Some pictures might not require filter at all, so it’s better you go #NoFilter


7. Don’t over edit

Hold your horses with editing tools. Yes, Instagram itself is gimmicky but try to strike a balance of believability in your image and filter combinations. You don’t want your Selfie portraits to look like Andy Warhol’s 1967 Marliyn.

8. Space and Simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication”- Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s hard to make sense of a clumsy, crowded photo especially when you have such limited space with Instagram. The trick to this is too add more space and spread out your subject in the frame.


9. Symmetry

While taking Instagram photo imagine the world in squares. This makes the cropping and composing an easy task. Symmetry works really great with square framed photos and with subject centered photography.

10. Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is by far the most common composition guideline, it works great with cropped landscape photos. This refers to an imaginary grid drawn across a photo area that breaks the image into nine equal squares. The best focal point for subjects is at the intersection of these lines with secondary emphasis being seen along the lines themselves. Make sure you use your built in grid feature.


11. Find the brightest spots to expose highlights

In low light settings, choose the brightest spots to expose highlights and hopefully bring more detail.

12. The power of B/W

Never underestimate the power of this filter. With all the colorful filters Instagram provides, shooting in black and white is not often seen as a first choice. But B/W gives an edge to the picture and gives it a timeless feel. Instagram has two blackand white Willow provides a washed out, old-timey, almost sepia tone to your photo. Inkwell is a straightforward B&W filter with boosted contrasts.


13. Choose the right captions

After it’s all said and done, this remains the most vital aspect of an Instagram picture. Think what you convey through your picture and write it in a crisp and witty sentence. Mention other users in your caption for more reach and likes!

14. Hashtags

Curb on the hashtag. Be clear and concise in your message. Hashtags in Instagram are used to show how an image was created, the style applied, who the image is for, describe what is in the image, or to simply group with other similar images. What they are not used for is #to #write #entire #descriptions #like #this. That’s just annoying.

15. Break All Rule

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and forget everything else. Go mad!


If you would like to suggest some of your Instagram Tricks and Tips, let us know in the comment section below.

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