9 Humanized Social Media Platforms That You Would Want To Meet In Real. Facebook’s Got The Swag

If you are a brand who handles your social media marketing communication internally, you must have gone through times when it must have been hard to decide as to which platform you should focus on, to market your brand while targeting your customers online. So how do you go about deciding this? A series of the whys and hows of choosing Social Media platforms is visually represented below, with each social networking platform personified into a human character, depicting its key feature. The gender, age & dressing style of the characters have been carefully chosen after observing the social media population. Thus, Facebook went on to become Mr.Popular, Twitter is Miss Blabbermouth, Instagram is Miss Duckface, YouTube is Mr. Videographer, Pinterest is Miss CandyFloss, LinkedIn is Mr. UpTight, Quora is Mr. SmartyPants, IMDB is Mr. CineGeek & Behance is Miss Arty!

1) LinkedIn

Mr. Uptight
Suit up!
You can’t predict your future. Create it.
Who said career planning is NOT rocket science?


Mr. Cine-Geek
Movie mojo!
High on films. Get experienced.
Cinema is truth. And truth, cinema.

3) Instagram
Miss Duckface
Mind that pout!
Obsessive selfie complex.
Compulsive attention-seeker.


4) Quora

Mr. Smarty-Pants
Nerd alert!
Know-it-all? Just elementary.
Uncool? Too sexy for your brain.


5) Behance

Miss Arty
Colour riot!
Wizard with the brush.
Trendsetter on palette.



6) Facebook
Mr. Popular
Dude’s got swag!
Quick-witted with cheeky humour.
Effortless charmer, smooth talker.


7) Pinterest
Miss Candyfloss
Back to the board!
Penchant for vibrant flamboyance.
Coding visuals, decoding images.



8) Twitter
Miss Blabbermouth
Jibber jabber!
Snazzy lingo specialist, impulsive gossip-monger.
Information is knowledge; free information, a luxury.



9) YouTube
Mr. Videographer
In focus!
Deft click-addict with nifty moves.
Followed by groupies and admirers.