Agency Feature: ShootOrder

Shoot order

How do we define ShootOrder?

We are a team of 50 inquisitive digital marketers handling clients across multiple industries. The roots of ShootOrder go back to 2013 when Rajat Jain started this agency as a division of Ivent IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. From a small team of 6 members, the company has grown in Hyderabad.

What’s in the name?

ShootOrder originally came from the idea of shooting order for better business. Being customer-centric, we thought upon as an agency aiming to turn around the client’s business.

The logo here interestingly captures the three concentric rings interlinked to form a nodal connect symbolizing how we aim to connect the dots in the digital marketing space. The concentric circles also symbolize hitting the bull’s eye.

What do we do?

We broadly classify our services under 5 categories.

  • Digital Presence: This includes managing SEO, Social Media and
  • Performance Marketing: Here we optimize our ad operations.
  • Marketing Automation: This includes our Email Marketing, Push,
    SMS and Messenger notifications.
  • Influencer Marketing: It includes preparing press releases, listicles
    and social media influential marketing.
  • Data Analytics

Why we do it?

Decades ago, the internet changed the face of doing business. The Social media era paved the way for digital marketing and today it has become the lifeblood of any business. If you’re not digitally available, you are pretty much non-existing.

Back in 2013, we foresaw the demand for the digital future and stepped into the world.

How we evolve?

One of the most crucial parts of an agency is to remain updated with the trends. Be it a new social media that has taken the world with storm or a new trend that became viral in no time we picked on the habit of a constant learn, unlearn and relearn.

In this journey to date, we got amazing projects and managing them helped us to evolve.

Social responsibility in social media

Yes, indeed Social Media has been very transparent from the time it came into existence. We follow some very strict policies in publicizing the information from clients on Social Media. Also, we believe in protecting the privacy, breaching the privacy of any individual is not in our dictionary.

Following the code of conduct for email marketing & social media marketing is one of our top priorities.

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The need of the hour

Faking/trending a news/topic/event on social networking sites with fake accounts should be avoided. Privacy breaches on Social networking sites should be taken care of.

We learned the hard way

We sure did. Every mistake was a lesson towards a better tomorrow and this mantra helped us not just sustain but thrive. Apart from this:
• When you are good at something, don’t do it for free
• Clients with a strict attitude are our assets

Did we just share that?

Fun and humor are the part and parcel of our business. You won’t believe some are funny enough to crack you up really hard. But jokes and incidents are more impactful in person. So how about catching up on a brewing cup of coffee. We’ll surely spill the beans when we meet.

They work with us

Our Clientele: Hetero Drugs, BMW Kun Exclusive, Darwin Box, Nexon Paints, Dukes, Oasis, Hathway, Centuary Mattresses, etc…

The industry as we foresee

The industry has evolved significantly since the emergence of social media and marketing has also evolved in terms of branding. There is a huge potential for growth in the future.

A day without Internet

Oh, it would be a nightmare! Personally, maybe a good way to experience a day of digital detox but for an agency, it’s can be like a nightmare.

Lastly, are you hiring?