Agency Spotlight Case Study: Viral Curry – When Soyer India became India’s Favorite with 663% rise in reach!

This is part of our Agency Spotlight where we bring forth agencies who are doing kick-ass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Viral Curry. 

Brand Name

Soyer India

Agency Name

Viral Curry

Soyer India dominated Indian market, mainly Indian kitchens for over a decade. Though, their online presence was on a low. They wanted to focus on the homemakers who now were tech savvy and could be found anywhere, not just within four walls.

On Facebook, likes and comments on the posts were around 5-6 on an average. Even the organic reach was also biting dust. Story on Twitter was no different, there was no regular retweets and rise in followers. As it was important in the retrospect of past slump to increase the visibility plus create a rage among consumers.


  • To engage with the female audience of the country through campaigns that touch their hearts
  • To create a community of brand loyalists
  • To get the product samples in the hands of women from all walks of life and receive feedback and word-of-mouth
  • To let more people know about Soyer’s Products Range while increasing the followers, likes and engagements on different Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


Our brand tied-up with the Mrs. India contest and it was leveraged on social media. We let all the women of India to interact with the Mrs. India contestants and had them ask whatever they wish to from them. Over 200 women from all over India asked questions from the contestants and the contestants answered the top 5 questions via video.

After thorough analysis and study of desired audience, we came up with #BreakfastQueen Contest Campaign. One of the first contests, where we asked our audience to send in their recipes. We named it ‘Recipe of the day’. We got more than 150 entries over span of 30 days. Through #BreakfastQueen, we were targeting those women who could come up with something unique & new, which they did. As an initiative to make the winner feel special, we gave her a lavish dinner with her complete family.

Then we came up with #KitchenLeJao Contest, online auction contest which was got tremendous response after #BreakfastQueen. This is an initiative to get all the Soyer products in the hands of audience from all walks of life to receive feedback and foster word-of-mouth. Parallel buzz was created on Twitter and Instagram along with Facebook which took the social media platform by storm. Once auction of 7 Soyer products took place on Facebook, the engagement rose by 663%.


Within 24 hours, when the auction was conducted i.e. 19th December 2014 to be precise, organic post reach went up by 300%.


Our hashtag #EveryWomanIsMrsIndia trended in India and received immense response from the audience.

Along with Facebook, we had simultaneously targeted audiences regarding #BreakfastQueen & #KitchenLeJao. We kept them updated about the contests and results. We even drove traffic from Twitter to Facebook for Kitchen Le Jao auction.


On Instagram, ‘Recipe of the Day’ was an instant hit. As the names of the winners were announced on the platform, the followers count started going up. Linking up contests run on Facebook with Instagram with updated reviews & results has pushed the engagement rate.


  1. People engagement gone up by 148% from last week.
  2. Followers increased by 74% on Instagram.
  3. Total reach went up by 178%.
  4. Post reach went up by 300% during the 2nd campaign, #KitchenLeJao.