Facebook Ends Its Search Partnership With Bing To Start Its Own Search Engine

Of late, Facebook has ditched Microsoft’s Bing as it’s major search engine, giving room to it’s own search tool which will allow users to find information about their friends’ posts and comments.

Facebook primarily used Bing as a major source that would promptly provide knowledge about everyone’s day to day activities. Bing was pulled out of the search graph, as it introduced a way to search older posts that enhanced its search results. Prior to this, it also updated it’s trending news section, which is a better way to keep users up to date with all trending activities apart from just regular stories about friends.

Adding to the restructuring phase, Facebook now includes a Twitter-like live feed, which is purely pumped in to divert some traffic to its platform.

About a billion search requests are entered each day on it’s site confirmed Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook’s CEO. With Facebook’s own search engine now in place, Zuckerberg expects a lot more searches each day. Though Microsoft still continues to be in good terms with Facebook.