Fox Life Kickstarts #LifeMeinEkBaar Season 3 By Engaging With Travel Enthusiasts On Social Media

Aditya Bhatkal
Dec 10, 2014 06:39 IST
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Fox Life Kickstarts  #LifeMeinEkBaar Season 3 By Engaging With Travel Enthusiasts On Social Media

What happens when you mix a bunch of 4 highly attractive models, an overseas travel destination, adventure sports, a lot of gossip and throw in a TV show along with that to complete the mix! What you get is lessons of learnings in life on how to live! And many other things which ‘Life Mei Ek Baar’ atleast you have to do!

The season’s back with a lot more heat in the form 4 even hotter models: Pia Trivedi, Evelyn Sharma, Rochelle Rao and Mahek Chahal.


The objective of the campaign was straight forward and included the simple use of digital media to tell people of the TV world that the new season of Life Mei Ek Baar is on the verge of airing.

The objective also drove home the need to get these digital users to watch the show on TV starting 26th November post being aired on the first day.


The campaign was designed in a way that enabled the users to watch the show on air and experience a part of it online too. You’re about to see how. The entire build towards the airing of the show included 3 main platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The campaign kicked off with the “What kind of traveller are you” tab on Facebook that asked you to take your best selfie moment with a BFF ..while travelling! Evidently so it connected with the fans almost instantaneously as it heavily played up travelling and adventure while voyaging on a trip of your own! Here’s what it looked like.


image002 image003

With posts directing the users to the app, there was quite an income of travel selfies from all across the country and a few from globetrotting wanderers as well. #MissionAccomplished!

Another key Facebook strategy was the release of the video on the Fox Life Facebook page. The 40 second teaser that featured the 4 models jumping off cliffs’, diving into deep blue waters and kicking some sand in the mid-evening Thai sun was released on the day of the show going on air. This video pulling in number of eyeballs garnered about 9300 odd views, a good way to get the ball rolling!

Not to forget the response generated on the Facebook posts around the show.



That and being at it constantly on Facebook from a week before the official airing of Life Mei Ek Baar on Fox Life set the tone of only good things coming your way.


The exact same “What kind of traveller are you?” was replicated on Twitter with the  contest spearheaded by  hashtag #ILoveTravelllingWith with some really cool imagery to get you posting.

With words like “Arrey Take a selfie no!” the lingo fell on common ground with the typical obsessed photographer on a travel vacation.image007

image006image008 image009

And as expected the response hit the roof with the selfie craze that put out a strong message that it’s pretty much here to stay. Still don’t believe? take a look at this!

image010 image011 image012


Twitter Fox Life then took another strong turn when they tied up with @MissMalini and ran a talkathon where the 4 beauties viz. @PiaTrivedi, @evelyn_sharma, @RochelleMRao and @MahekChahal of the show spoke their hearts out to the followers who had quite a few questions for them by the way.


image020 image021


The questions and their answers looked something like this.


Now, marketing a show full of models using these very same models is kind of like a thing of the past or atleast has been portrayed to be that in Life Mei Ek Baar's new season digital campaign. You’re about to see how.

So, at the end of the day the campaign had something to have that Life Mei Ek Baar memory ringing at the back of your head. And Fox Life managed to steer through this task with 4 carefully selected ‘male models’ (notice the inverted commas) that featured on YouTube and trickled down to all other social channels.

Here’s what the videos looked like

Evidently there’s no way you’re going to forget these 4 extremely attractive looking male species that eventually lead you to the actual beauties.


The campaign made an all-pervasive use of all the platforms and threw in a couple of videos too just to maintain a great balance between all forms of visual content. It had Facebook apps and images on the Facebook page to go along with that, videos and interactions to sum it all.

A long concept-driven Twitter contest, a twitter talk show hosted by Miss Malini herself steered by the 4 models that’ll be on the show.

And finally the YouTube videos that you honestly can’t get enough of, well atleast the last part ;-)

On even a wider scale, the use of 4 known celebrity models as against just models was another move in the steering to the right direction, as all the 4 among Pia, Evelyn, Rochelle and Mahek have been seen by viewers of Indian television at some point in time and watching these 4 together is nothing short of a treat to the eyes. And what more, it hits your television screen every Wednesday and Thursday.

Scope for Improvement

Honestly, a lot has been done that could easily make us do away with cherry picking and pin pointing the improvement scope.

A small thing that could be highlighted though is the use of the typical “selfie oriented approach” that has been replicated across the industry in multiple verticals. Ideally either an innovation/twist to the selfie approach that has the infamous “wow factor” or another angle to the campaign all together would add in the extra points to an otherwise well executed campaign.


Picking straight from where this article started, consider a bunch of 4 highly attractive models, an overseas travel destination, adventure sports, a lot of gossip and a TV show that features these 4.. the rest is left to your wild and adventurous imagination and to watch it come alive you now where to tune in to! Happy sightseeing ;-)

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