Facebook Launches New Tools And Insights With Better Targeting Options

Facebook announced new targeting tools and insight improvements for publishers, aiming at better targeting their social media audience. They have introduced ways to target posts and remove those posts that are not relevant after a period of time and identify popular links that haven’t been shared.

The new targeting tools will allow publishers to publish content that caters to a specific set of people and also automatically post articles that are already popular on the Facebook. The auto-post feature for now is available only for large media organizations but it will be made available to others in the coming months

facebook insigh

The first two targeting tools are available to all Facebook Pages that have turned on the Targeting and Privacy setting, meaning that any marketer using Facebook can take advantage of them.

The Insights update is in Domain Insights, giving publishers more details on how content is performing on their page.

Take a closer look at these new tools –  

1. Interest Targeting– this help you reach the precise people, by targeting the posts to a particular set of the people that like your Page. A publisher can use Interest Targeting to post a story about a sports game that will only be shown to people that like their teams playing.

2. Post End Date– Post End Date will give the page admin the rights to specify day and time to stop showing a post in News Feed. This will prevent people from seeing out-of-date posts in News Feed. Eg- Publisher can use this to remove yesterday’s weather report from News Feed.

espn-post-end-date-sm3. Smart Publishing– Smart Publishing is a new, optional tool that will identify and publish content that are popular with people on Facebook. Once the setting is enabled, frequently shared links to your website can appear in News Feed for people who like your Page.


Accurate and actionable analytics are critical for media organizations to understand and optimize how their content is performing on Facebook. Facebook has made a considerable amount of improvements to Domain Insights to show how Pages and social plug ins drive traffic to websites.

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