Social Media Agency Feature: BuzzMeter

Who are we?

With offices in Mumbai & Los Angeles, BuzzMeter is a true, next-generation digital marketing agency possessing the experience and unique creativity to conceive and launch campaigns that measurably exceed goals. With a team that eats, sleeps, and lives digital, both in India and The US, Buzzmeter prides itself on superior creative as a Social Media Marketing Agency, an outstanding technical facility as a Website Design Company and as being a ROI centered implementer as a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.

What’s in the name?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing agencies are all about branding, customer loyalty and lead generation. But the first thing we do is use tools to analyze where your audience comes from, what they like and how we can drive them to you. Hence, the name ‘Buzzmeter’, we create online buzz for our clients and much more.

What we do?

Our uniquely talented and incredibly experienced team of digital rockstars, make our Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai and Los Angeles excel in a wide range of creative disciplines. From boosting your ranking and visibility in major search engines, to imagining, designing, and enacting brilliant social media promotions, Buzzmeter delivers.

List of Services Offered:

Website Design, Brand and Visual Identity, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Media Buying, Campaign Management and Monitoring, Digital Analytics and Digital Corporate Training, Digital Advertising, Re-Targeting

Why we do it?

Digital was the next-gen in India and our education from the US in marketing, entertainment and digital only furthered our desire to provide solutions for Indian businesses to tap the biggest market in the world, i.e. the online economy.

How we evolve?

In digital the data boom is what we want to evolve with. Our plan is to keep analytics and reporting at the center of all strategy. This will happen through our current and consistent investment in data-monitoring tools and advanced intelligent dashboards to identify customer sentiment, behaviour and competitor analysis. Furthermore, we also plan to develop our own analytics tools for the Indian business. Our agency wants digital to ripple into all businesses in India so that they can maximize the reach that digital platforms offer with marketing centered around very target audience behaviour with our corporate training programs and cool hunting in the industry.

Social responsibility in social media

At Buzzmeter, we have a philosophy of process and standards being top-notch and transparent. Our team is clear on having internal social media policies and a process of implementing client briefs through customized content strategies. Also, our social media policy is specifically taken care off by our headquarter in LA and overseen by expert Steven Lopez. This is because Buzzmeter understands that what people say is what makes a brand.

Need of the hour

Security is the need of the hour, permission marketing and not spamming users is a grave concern in the Indian digital space. Also, the way data is available everywhere scares us! Therefore firewalling our clients is of epic importance, we don’t ever want an information leakage similar to what happened to Sony Pictures this weekend with their email exchanges on North Korea! No way.

We learned the hard way

All clients are not willing to go digital and educating them about this industry is key. Also, managing a start-up is tough business and be ready to wear multiple hats in the office with many coffee breaks!

Did we just share that?

For a restaurant client, we created a beer bottle pyramid on Janmashtami to wish everyone regards and a happy festival. But due to compliance issues, the creative only ever made it to our dropbox folder, ouch!

They work with us

Our clients range from real estate to restaurants! Some of our clients include: JVM Spaces, Swastik Group, Raj Homes, ISD Global, EC Twins, Tara Macri, Angry Birds Trading Cards, China 1 and Sammy Sosa!

Industry as we foresee

We foresee industry trends moving towards analytics, personalization and content. With content being produced at rapid rates online, extraordinary content is king to differentiate your brand. Also, you are going to need a whole lot of analytics to measure this content and data being produced to make sense of it and amend strategies for the future. Furthermore, an omni-channel approach that revolves around two-way personal communication is the key for future digital success.

A day without Internet

Is like a day without Samosas. Nothing fun about it.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are not hiring at the moment but we surely do appreciate good talent!