Who are we?

We’re Crystal Logic – A 14 year old agency with a core in design & applications. Over the years we’ve evolved into a total web solutions partner for small, medium and large corporates offering all services in the digital spectrum i.e. design, development, web and mobile apps, search & social marketing etc. All this and more – in house!


What’s in the name?

Everyone has a story as to how their agency’s name shaped up. Honestly, none are true or at least there is no real version. An array of thoughts and heterogeneous minds contour up ‘the’ name. We’re no different – a bunch of ‘we’re the league of the extraordinary’ rational boys came up with this one too. ‘Crystal’ symbolizing bespoke transparency and ‘Logic’ expressing complete coherence and rationale to our business – UI/UX, applications etc.

What we do?

Back in the day, we started off as a ‘Web Agency’ where the web itself was trying to make some ground in the country. We’ve now evolved as a total web solutions partner offering all things digital under the CLPL umbrella. Our services include:

1. Web & Responsive Design/Development
2. Portal & Custom Built Applications
3. Mobile & Facebook Applications
4. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
5. Social Media Optimization & Marketing
6. Display & Contextual Advertising
7. Video Concepts & Viral Marketing
8. Brand Design & Strategy
9. UI/UX Consultancy
10. Maintenance

Our USP lies in the fact that everything we do is all built from ground up. Our sales guys are used to the phrase “The word template is never used in our office”. But hey, we live by it.

Our designs are a mix of good looks and UI competence. Unlike the other guys in the field, we refrain from using WordPress as a platform even though it gets the work done faster, which some consider as smart since they save on the bucks. We’d rather the client be contended and partner with us for all things digital.

Why we do it?

Do you expect me to say “Uh well, it’s the space we live in or it’s the need of the hour”? Well? If you think about it, it’s true.

Consider this – our population is growing at a rate of 1.2% (Y.o.Y.) but the usage of the web is growing at a whopping 14%. Currently at just about 19% penetration (internet users v/s population), we’re looking at anywhere between 25-30% in the next couple years.  If you consider the worldwide penetration, we’re nowhere close to our otherwise-counterparts. The US is at 86.75%. Japan at 86.03%. Germany – 86.78%. UK is borderline 90%. Needless to say – we have a long way to go. 15 years later, when we’re 30 years old, we’d have that advantage over the millions of agencies that sprawl up everyday in this space.

How we have evolved?

I guess our greatest strength is our employees. Given the attrition, we have someone new come on board almost everyday. This is how we’ve evolved. Every agency in the digital space is incompetent and ineffectual without it’s employees.

I regard each employee with utmost respect and yearn to work with the best in the industry. I think our evolution growth is directly proportional to our employee QS (Quality Score). Yes, isn’t it just easier to understand that way? We’re very choosy when it comes to hiring but when we do, they need to be the best!

Social responsibility in social media

We ensure at all times to see from the perspective of the brands we manage, we believe in adding the dash of premium to all our brands keeping in mind how the end customers will be able to relate to these brands and we make it a point to add value to the brands we manage.

Need of the hour

As an agency we handle different types of brands with different requirements belonging to different industries. The Need of the hour is surely to provide them with the best and quality services and the perfect reach to increase their ROI through Digital marketing.

We learned the hard way

Did we? I think we’ve learnt as and when the world has learnt.

Did we just share that?

Oops! This one is a biggie. Yes, we’ve seen our ups and downs once in a while. But neither are we aiming for a six sigma certificate in social media marketing. But I guess that’s what makes social media fun! If you start treating this as a duty or like Search Marketing, it’s not going to work for you. Unlike SEO, SMO works on a more personal level.

The only time one should get serious with SMO is on the reporting. We know the client is expecting ROI so the correct metrics and analysis helps us help the client.

They work with us

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide reach of sectors. We have real estate, hospitality, education, entertainment, information services and a few more. To name some of our partners:

1. The Wadhwa Group
2. Ekta World
3. Sunteck Realty
4. Times Of Money
5. SPJAIN School Of Global Management
6. Fern Hotels
7. Rajshri Productions
8. Virgin Baloon Flights
9. Thomas Cook
10. Vibgyor School
11. Dun & Bradstreet
12. Writer Corporation
13. Future Group
14. NEO Sports
15. Filmfare

…and I can go on! What we’re really proud of is that we’re still working with our first client, who’s 4th website is in action as we speak.

Industry as we foresee

Our forecast about the social media industry in India is farfetched, it just on a growing stage and highly dynamic and there is a lot we can do and we will do. The kind of returns through Digital forms of marketing are overwhelming as we see the rise on a daily basis, and we are sure this is not just it, there’s loads to this.

A day without Internet

This question makes me recall the essays we wrote as kids “The population – boon or bane?” or “Science – boon or bane?” Similarly – “The Internet – boon or bane?”

Honestly, I’d love a day without the internet that if given a choice. Now you’re probably thinking that I don’t believe in my own medium. I truly believe the phrase ‘Disconnect to connect’. Social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, snapchat, instagram and pinterest have become more than just apps. They’re now pre-requisites to start off your morning coffee, your afternoon lunch, in-between meetings, supper and then all throughout dinner. We’re only digitally socializing.

But again, we live in the world where Google has helped us get to our suppliers, our buyers or even our doctors. Mobile phones are now smarter giving rise to responsive development. No ‘ullu banaoing’ ensuring growth in every way. Employment, urban development, increase in competitive marketing funds and the other obvious things are a direct increase graph because of the web.

A day without the internet will be like a month without going to the toilet. It’s not a technical, practical or humanly possible. Effectively, from a personal perspective I can do without the internet for a few days, or wait can I? But on a corporate level, it’s now irreversible. It’s like TV – can we live without the idiot box? Or mobile phones. No!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always scouring for new talent. New talent gets us the wisdom we never had from the market. Hiring a good candidate is like investing in long-term blue chip stock!

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