Social Media Agency Feature: Envigo

Who are we?

Envigo is a digital marketing agency based out of London & New Delhi. We have clients across 14 countries on 4 different continents, and we’re always eager to learn.

What’s in the name?

The root of our name is vigour. We do everything with energy and passion. No wonder we were the brains behind the revival campaign of India’s largest selling energy & health supplement.

What we do?

We’re a 360 degree digital marketing firm. We analyze, optimize and execute everything digital. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 clients across 4 continents. Big brands, big campaigns, and big results – we’ve delivered them all.

Why we do it?

We love technology, we understand the online landscape, we understand the customer and their online behaviour and we know how to use our understanding to maximize our clients’ gains. So we put it all together and deliver ROI positive digital marketing campaigns. Hence the setup.

How we evolve?

We love to solve problems – the more complex the better. New technologies, new languages, new geographies, new time zones, new customer insights – anything in isolation or in combination. We learn, unlearn and relearn and apply. Since the industry is growing very fast, we try and keep up with the trends and predict transformations.

We started off as search engine specialists. Great rankings require kick-ass web development and awesome brand building through social & content marketing. Mobile apps and social media apps are a natural extension of web. Thus we have evolved into a web marketing genius.

Social responsibility in social media

Be prompt. The customer wants help, never ignore her. The client wants transparency, educate her. Be the dialogue between the client and the client’s client.

Need of the hour

Your personality is different from the brand’s personality. And as they say in our town, never forget to be awesome.

Did we just share that?

Typo: An email went to a client with the message ‘we have not received complete requirements. Someone from Envigo will come and touch you’

They work with us

ITC, Fortune Hotels, Conde Nast, Tata Capital, JK Lakshmi Cement, GSK, Ranbaxy, Max Bupa, Vogue GQ, The Wine Society of India, WizIQ are few of our Indian clients.

Industry as we foresee

Consolidation of boutiques. Organizations with emphasis on technology and better integration of channels to capture the imagination at different touch points stand to gain a lot more out of digital. Organizations with myopic view of digital and marketing will be left behind.

A day without Internet

We sharpen our play station skills and have creative jam-ins. Here’s a sample outcome from one such session (apt for the question, perhaps?).

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for willing-to-learn wolves and creative cats.

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