Social Media Agency Feature: Glitch

Who are we?

The Glitch was started for a singular purpose. To create engaging, innovative and Strategic brand solutions in the Digital media spectrum.

From inception our services have evolved to meet the needs of this purpose. This has led to our evolution from a Digital video production company towards a full-fledged digital agency.

Founded in 2009 by Varun Duggirala and Rohit Raj, with the addition of Roshan Abbas to its board in 2012 ”The Glitch” has delivered several disruptive campaigns over the years.

Today, Glitch manages over 25+ accounts in the digital media sphere including Lakme, Pears, Magnum ice creams, Set Wet amongst others , has crafted successful digital campaigns for movies like Rockstar, Ek villain, Lootera and executed award winning digital video campaigns like Nano –  Drive with Mtv, Axe shower gel YouTube takeover, Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre. We’ve also worked on campaigns leveraging digital while also executing mainline television content like Mtv Unplugged season 3.

We have recently started operations in New Delhi, spearheaded by Kabir Kochhar, who comes with significant international expertise in digital media from his stint at Carat in New York as well as vast entrepreneurial exposure having recently run and exited food startup

The cornerstones of what we do rest on Engaging Content, Design & Technological Innovation.

What’s in the name? 

We were looking for a name that stood for what we wanted to achieve and do: Stuff that wasn’t run of the mill, stuff that’s disruptive, stuff that’s considered plain wrong but isn’t, stuff that captures eyeballs.

And then one day, we were sitting in our ex-office, and there was a colleague who was talking like he had a glitch in his system (to quote a video jargon point, he was shot in 25 frames per second and rendered at 24 frames per second) … And one of us said “Iss mein toh glitch hai”.

That was it, that was our name!

What we do?

Brand Strategy

Campaign strategy

Digital video studio

Copywriting & content management


Design & user experience

(Data and analytics are a new service category we’re just starting to venture into.)

Why we do it?


Nearly everything we do is for people. Real people staring at a screen trying to find something, buy something, say something, or connect with someone. People are at the centre of our work, our relationships with our clients, and our company. Understanding who they are, their needs, how they interact with you or your company are all central to helping our clients develop products and services for them.

How we evolve?

We’ve always pivoted basis the direction we see the market moving towards. From starting off with a focus on Digital video to building technological innovation around it, and then moving towards a strategic focus across our system we’ve always ensured we’re nimble enough to pivot in the right direction.

Social responsibility in social media 

More than social responsibility, it would be more about being more social. Brands need to develop personas that take on the character of what they want to and should stand for. In that character comes responsibility. So, it becomes much simpler to stay responsible and yet stay relevant.

Need of the hour 

The need of the hour is for digital and social to not be treated as an off shoot of mainline and to work as a central piece of the marketing mix for brands. Commoditization of social content needs to also be cut down and focus on a more strategic perspective.

We learned the hard way

That doing too many things is never a good idea. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Don’t hire people because they are cool, look at their work.

Always preserve culture while building process, the perfect balance of both is what makes you tick.

Did we just share that?

Well, There are somethings we’d like to leave off the record.

They work with us

Lakme, Lakme Salon, Pears, LUX Body Wash, Cornetto, Magnum, TIGI, Asian paints-Nilaya, Mumbai City FC, Mtv, Disney, Set Wet, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Eros International amongst many others.

Industry as we foresee

The industry is going to get a lot more centralised. With Digital moving towards mainstream and vice versa there will be a lot of overlaps and synergies that will happen. Planning and Strategy will take over from where short term big-bang ideas left off.

A day without Internet 

We actually work many days without internet, or maybe that’s just an IT issue. We don’t think we’d survive in executing but we’d have a lot more time to really build on ideas because the best Digital ideas always have an analog beginning.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always looking out for people who excite us.