#UberShame Outrage On Twitter To Give The Company A Hard Time Managing Crisis

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#UberShame Outrage On Twitter To Give The Company A Hard Time Managing Crisis
Social Media has the potential to create & aggravate the flames of a crisis & also to solve unforeseen mishaps. However, this space has witnessed an array of failed PR management skills. With enough damage already caused after an unfortunate incident, it is highly crucial for companies to realize that crisis management is not about merely covering up for the loss, but more about taking the audience into confidence by showing distress towards the reported crisis along with striving to control the intensity of it.
The major concern for companies is to not double the anxiety caused by the brand.Going by the severity of incidences, some damages can be curbed and are manageable while some others are not and leave a dent on the brand forever. With reference to the latest case of the Uber app that lets customers hire & pay for taxis or private vehicles over smart-phones, emphasizes on the safety of customers & high-end technology, but does not provide what's promised.
As per the registered rape case, an Uber taxi driver allegedly raped a 25 year old woman in Delhi, by further threatening to kill her if she reported the criminal act to police authorities. Outlining the shortcomings of this safety-conscious app, which didn't have GPS installed in their cabs, has blown up the agitation levels even higher. Also, by stating the fact that their commercial transportation licensing programs, currently lacked clear background checks of drivers, comes across as a shocker. In stead of calming people down, Uber has only managed to double the flames across platforms through an update on its blog.
Uber Blog -
Uber Blog

Though the sensitive issue should open the eyes of the Indian Govt & bring about stringent laws against rapists into practice, Uber will continue to face criticisms on its operational front for it's incapacity to provide safety to its user. With several debates cropping in, as to who's to be blamed, Uber has been banned in Delhi.


Twitter Outlash -

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Twitter has been flooded with #UberShame for 2 days now, and the brand has a lot to work towards it, in order to get rid of its tarnished image both online as well as offline. Especially with plenty of negative digital footprints across social media platforms, how will Uber rebuild its image in India is something every one is looking forward to. With the entire nation flocking to be a part of the blame-game to the sensitive issue, where Uber is being brought to shame, the company is going to go through a tough time dealing with the crisis. Foe now, the shame is here to stay, as digital repository never dies.
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