4 Ways Snapchat Can Enhance Your Sex Life

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4 Ways Snapchat Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Want to spice up your love live but can't figure out which app will make things easier for you? The answer is Snapchat, if you already didn't know folks. Haven't heard of Snapchat? Then there must be teenagers or 20-somethings in your life, who would be using it for many things, one of them being sexting.

To begin with, what is the primary purpose of Snapchat?  To snap revealing & scantily clad pictures of yourself, which would disappear after the allotted time. This person could be anyone - your wife, husband, girlfriend, friend or any random stranger you found hot at that party.

Here are 4 ways Snapchatters can enhance their sex life by making things easier for you -

  1. Perfect for sending racy pictures

One of the obvious reasons people use Snapchat is to send raunchy and seductive snaps of themselves to their boyfriends and friends (with benefits). Or if you feel like you could do a better job by sending a 10 seconds video to tease the opposite sex, then Snapchat is definitely the app to use. The best part of this - all of the snaps and videos disappears after the user has seen your Snap. Unless your Snap is so hot, the receiver is obligated to screenshot it.




  1. Safe and clean yet vulgar

Talking dirty over the phone is passe now. And let's admit it, talking over the phone does not come easily to everyone (pun intended). Besides you wouldn't wanna be a victim of someone eavesdropping on you now, do you? Snapchat is a great way to keep all those spicy ingredients of phone sex alive but in a simple and safe manner. It's a safe bet as you'll be sexting while alone and no messy business as no physical contact is required. So while your hubby is out for those boring business meetings, you can certainly hope to spice things by teasing your husband with some of your Snaps. Just not during the meetings to avoid awkward situations.



  1. Bridging the distance

Long distances can sometimes be a huge deal breaker in relationships especially if the significant other is a different time-zone altogether. With Snapchat, you can bridge that gap in your relationship by sending each other explicit pictures and videos which is a great way to keep the spark alive in long distance relationships. No more of that logging in and out of Skype business to video chat with your GF/BF.



4. Bringing In some creativity

Snapchat allows you to paint your snap with a range of colors and fonts available from the palette. This will allow some area of creativity in your sexting. Suppose your boyfriend fantasizes you in that Catwoman latex outfit, you can let your imaginations go bat shit crazy and send him the Catwoman of his dreams. Using the palette, you can even enhance certain aspects of your selfie to make it look hotter than ever. After a few attempts with the Snapsterpiece, your guy friends will start sending you Snaps with butterflies protecting their dignity. Some way to lighten up your boring sex life eh?


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