[Infographic] Insights Into The Digital Habits Of A Fine Dining Customer

Each time we log on to the digital world, an update about a newly opened restaurant is always lurking in the news feed.  And as humans, being the curious creatures that we are, we first feel the need to check out what the restaurant has to offer its customers.

A socially active being is more likely to put up the picture of his delicious looking meal on Instagram, even before having a bite of it. These are the kind of people that the ‘Hospitality Industry’ has started relying heavily upon. Primarily because word of mouth is one of the prime factors due to which a brand name spreads in the market. Just letting the consumer know what your restaurant offers, will never be enough until you listen to their needs & expectations in return.

There are endless reasons, as to why a customer often prefers to walk into a particular restaurant. Either its solely because of good food, the ambiance, warmth of the staff and the value for money along with a satisfying experience that he / she receives.

The number of people choosing fine dining in the age group of 18-24 is considerably high. This age group is the voice of social media and can easily make or break a restaurant with their opinionated feedback.

People from 25- 35 also dine out often, but are not as active on social media and generally rely on their friends and family for suggestions to dine at fine restaurants.

Here’s an insightful infographic by Mindshift Interactive and Social Samosa, that tells us the digital habits of a fine dining customer.

The infographic is based on the detailed first hand research report which can be downloaded from here. The report gives an understanding into the customer’s mindset while choosing & engaging with a restaurant. This report is useful to those in the Hospitality industry.

Download the report here.

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