Facebook Launches Beta Version Of Facebook At Work

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Jan 16, 2015 08:30 IST
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Facebook Launches Beta Version Of Facebook At Work

Facebook has officially launched the beta version of 'Facebook At Work' for iOS Facebook uers. They will soon be launching the same for Android as well.

This comes after it went on an acquisition spree in the first 10 days of 2015.

Facebook says it is trying a version of the social network to make getting jobs done easier at work instead of following friends via news feed.

As of now, to access the new app, companies need to collaborate with the social network as it is still in the beta phase. This has been done to gain feedback to refine the offering, according to Facebook spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana.

"We have internally used Facebook at Work for many years now, it works pretty effectively and efficiently for collaboration," Diana told AFP.

"We think we can bring this insight to other companies." Facebook at Work has everything as the original version of the network except for the fact that all features like news feeds, groups, chats, etc can only be shared with the people working in the same company.

Even the background of the page will not be blue so that hovering bosses know that work is happening on the social network.

The customized work shall be hosted on the Facebook servers in the Internet cloud, but the firms shall have control on any data shared by it employees.

Diana hasn't disclosed what companies are involved in the pilot program, but did mention that offices across the globe are involved.

Also, the version is not a paid one, but can likely be once the product is finalized for the markets across. They are also looking at ad spaces to generate revenue against a paid version.

This completely changes the dynamics for internal social networks that are already existing in the market.

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