First International Contest For Social Media Managers #SomeroContest

Social Media Round or SoMeRo is an association of young workers and Social Media lovers.

Owing to their experience, SoMeRo is organizing an event where social media managers will get the opportunity to show off their skills & expertise to the world.

Their two core objectives are:
– Reward the best Social Media Managers of the world each year
– Invite world guests to Corsica / make Corsica a world host

To achieve this, SoMeRo has set up a social media management contest, where in they invite everyone to come, share and have a shot at winning!

SoMeRo recognizes how fast the social media industry is moving and how thought leaders have to launch their corporate and commercial strategies in a limited time frame owing to ever growing demands and frequent changes. The social media domain is a place where you need to be both efficient with time and at your creative best! Well, its just doesn’t stop here. Social Media Manager also have to anticipate every move that someone else might make along with all the trends in the market.

Professionals need to know their community and network. As the website puts it, “participating in the #SoMeRo, is showing your know-how to the world and winning the title of Champion of the World of Social Media Management, which will be awarded by well-known web professionals of the world.

The SoMeRo Association is organizing the 1st edition of the Social Media Round in Corsica, which is an island belonging to France. The event will revolve around the Web, mainly covering Viral Marketing and Web Marketing. The event is from the 4th June to the 7th of June 2015.