HDFC Life Creates Hype on Social Media with the Return of #StandUpOnTwitter

Aditya Bhatkal
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HDFC Life Creates Hype on Social Media with the Return of #StandUpOnTwitter

What? Stand up on Twitter? Did you read that correctly? Yes you did!

You didn’t think literally stand up did you? Even if you did, that’s alright! One of these guys below fell for it too. Then again they really will be standing up on Twitter. Familiar faces these?


With a simple caption that says Do you think you can #StandUpOnTwitter? Watch the video & stay tuned!”HDFC’s Social Media drops a hint of laughs, gags and petty thrills from picking on the smallest things in today’s day and makes a joke of it. Clearly this is an indication of an upcoming performance on Twitter so hold on to those chairs!

For a little insight #StandUpOnTwitter is a one of its kind Comedy on Twitter where tweeters were asked to well tweet and the funniest tweets would stand a chance to be the winner.

With #StandUpOnTwitter , HDFC Life strives to position itself as a lively and cheerful brand as opposed to the serious outset from the other brands in the sector. It’s always good to laugh and it keeps you in good health too and the humour that comes out of real life situations connects the missing dots.

HDFCLife did this earlier in September and the Brand managed to grab quite a lot of eyeballs on Social Media with this fresh and unique activity.

To incite the curiosity and excitement levels amongst their social media followers, the brand has also posted a teaser video on their YouTube Channel which has been populated across their social media channels i.e Facebook and Twitter.

HDFCLife Facebook

HDFCLife Twitter

Looks like HDFC Life is all set to tickle the funny bones of Social Media Universe again with comedians like - KaruneshTalwar, AzeemBanatwalla and Kunal Kamra on board.

The influx of teaser posts and the video on the brand’s social media channels signals the launch of something really enticing and exciting for the masses on Social Media. We will all have to wait and watch to witness what HDFC Life has in store.

HDFC Life Social Media Campaign #StandUpOnTwitter HDFC Life #StandUpOnTwitter