Here's How An Insurance Brand Took The Humour Route To Trend #StandUpOnTwitter

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Here's How An Insurance Brand Took The Humour Route To Trend #StandUpOnTwitter

HDFC Life a premier Life Insurance brand of the company has been active on Social Media for a while now and is a notorious user of the phenomenon of humour.

The connect is visible in that humour helps keep good health and that’s what the central idea of the existence of HDFC Life is!

Formerly HDFC Life ran the #StandUpOnTwitter contest in the September of 2014 which was quite a success. So much so that it came back with a sequel with Azeem Banatwalla, Kunal Kamra and Karunesh Talwar. The Brand recently hinted towards the return of #StandUpOnTwitter with teaser posts and a video on their official Social Media Channels.

Wednesday, 7th of Jan 2015 Twitter verse went abuzz with #StandUpOnTwitter contest that called for witty humour and quirky one liners from the participants. The Gratification for this Happy Go Lucky and easy contest was vouchers for winners announced every 10 minutes.


The Contest was thoroughly planned and devised in multiples phases to extract humorous responses from all the participants. The activity was carried out throughout the day to reach out to twitteratis at all points of time. Phase 1 called out for quirky lines which match the expressions of the comedians in spotlight.


The amazingly witty and quirky responses from the participants lead #StandUpOnTwitter to Trend No. 1 India Wide.



The Stage was set to reveal some more info about the live Stand Up Act featuring these popular comedians. The Brand leveraged the trending situation to release a video which announces the date and time for the live streaming of #StandUpOnTwitter.


The saga doesn’t end here HDFC Life sustained the buzz and trending position by running Insane Investments. With a slightly different concept maintaining the same central idea of humour, Insane Investments is arguably directly related to the core proposition of the brand.


The phase 2 of the campaign included twitter going all out with their ‘insane investments’ Again the users were interacted with in a smart way, by already using the hashtag that was trending as against creating another hashtag all together.

Through investments you’ve made in your life it reached out encouraging its Social Media community of followers to make the right choice while investing. But here’s the fun part. Through Insane investments it asked it’s followers to tweet about any and every funny investment they may have made in their life.

These don’t necessarily have to be investments in the financial markets but just anything from something you picked up in a jumble/garage sale to a batman pen drive at comic con, or a T-shirt that says “I don’t like t-shirts with quotes”


To keep the audience engaged to #StandUpOnTwitter and bring the spotlight back to the comedians featuring in the Stand Up Act. HDFC Life announced the final phase of the Super Wednesday Campaign the most proven and trusted social media phenomenon ‘Selfie’ contest.


After dominating Twitter Trends at No. 1 for 4 hours, the campaign was trending all day long. All of it riding on the back of a strong community of followers and twitteratis tweeting unstoppably.

The objective of all of these campaigns is aimed at – The bigger picture. And that being The Main Event - #StandUpOnTwitter. While the core idea behind running this activity on twitter was to activate the social media universe and spread awareness about the main event which is to be held on 9th of Jan 2015, HDFC Life gained brownie points by trending No.1 on Twitter. Here, activating and nurturing the existing followers has resulted in the great amount of buzz which was leveraged to promote the event in hand. A perfect example of how the use of only followers lead to more followers and a build to the end intention of the larger campaign.

With HDFC Life’s attempt at humour one can safely say the way it has favoured the Brand over the past 6 months, and so another take on the humour aspect will be imminent. Let’s see how the #StandUpOnTwitter rolls out on The Day – 9th of January. Till then happy tweeting!

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