Luminous Power Technologies Steps Into The Home Electrical Solutions Space With Its #FanHoJaoge Campaign

Brand Name

Luminous India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Agency Name

Autumn Worldwide

When a pun absolutely needs to be intended the #FanHoJaoge campaign by Luminous Power Technologies does justice to its ‘Fans’ and it’s ‘Fans’. Confused?

So, what does it really take to convert users in the social space into fans of fans! That’s right; the #FanHoJaoge initiative was all about co-creation, creativity, smart communication and absolute consumer engagement with the brand. Luminous Power Technologies, a leader in inverters and batteries now in the direction of ‘Home Solutions’ is looking at opportunities in an expanded home retail product range.

The #FanHoJaoge campaign was conceived to establish a link between ‘Fans’ and ‘Luminous Power Technologies’ in the consumers mind. What better way to boost up the retaining power of a message in the minds of consumers than to have them engage with the brand on a personal level!

Amazingly simple yet highly impactful, the #FanHoJaoge initiative required users to participate by writing appropriate endings to complete the messaging for a film. The prize for the top three scripts was credits being given to the winners and personalized autographs for each of the winners from none other than the God of Cricket ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ himself.


Objectives –

  • To position Luminous Power Technologies from being a leader in the ‘inverters and batteries’ space to the Home Electrical Solutions provider.
  • To build a strong connect with the social media audience via the #FanHoJaoge Campaign
  • To encourage conversations around the brand and its new product range


Execution –

At the crux of the campaign is an incomplete film that lacked an ending and the campaign rolled out from there on. The film featured a certain Bhallaji, trying to catch a few winks of sleep in the afternoon but not being able to because of the sound of rattling drums coming from a neighbor’s home. Watch the film here.


Participants had to write an appropriate end to the film. A select panel of judg­es selected the entries based on engagement, relevance and creativity. Three top entries were selected and the films were completed with the scripts suggested by them.

 Script 1 –




Script 2 –




Script 3 –




While the film was integral to the idea, the initiative ensured content around fans (the product), the designs, the distribution was integrated. As the social world interacted with the film, curiosity led them to discover the product, the designs and more. Facebook educated, while Twitter leveraged on existing conversations around fans, and power cuts and interiors. Canvas pages showcased range, pricing, inquiry forms and a click to order.

Facebook Educative posts –





Twitter was used to magnify the reach and participation numbers of the contest by directly engaging with the fans directly.





Canvas pages showcased range, pricing, inquiry forms and a click to order.





Results –


  • With the fans donning the scriptwriter’s role and sharing their version of the ending to the film, the campaign was a sure shot success! Luminous Power Technologies received an overwhelming 140+ individual entries in the first 2 weeks itself.
  • While stories are just one part of the metrics, the initiative saw conversations around “Luminous Power Technologies and Fans” 80,000+ times, ‘unexpected’ leads of over 1200.
  • Brand experience related conversations of over 130,000 and a 60% higher positive sentiment in overall engagement.
  • Over all the #FanHoJaoge campaign reached 5.6 Million people socially with over 22 Million impressions.

The initial social journey for Luminous Power Technologies looks impressive! From being a leader in the ‘inverters and batteries’ space and now in the Home Electrical Solutions space. We continue to witness the engagement levels rising.


“#Fanhojaoge campaign has made us realize that content is spark & social media is gun powder” says Munish Bajaj, AVP – Marketing at Luminous Power Technologies He adds “After the grand success of the #FanHoJaoge campaign, Luminous Power Technologies is looking at Social Media Marketing from a whole new angle. The platform has enabled us to engage with our consumers in its true value”.

“As an agency we have been questioning the real alignment of social media initiatives to business value. Being tactical is history. With Luminous Power Technologies we have demonstrated the real power of the the medium. Its about real engagement and real results”. says Anusha Shetty, CEO at Autumn Worldwide.