Social Media Tool Feature: PropheSee – Digital Marketing Analytics Tool

About the tool!

PropheSee empowers brands with the most comprehensive tools to understand their presence across each social media platforms in isolation as well as how these interact with each other to add value for the brand. With robust automated reporting & in-depth channel analytics for key platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter – PropheSee empowers brands with insights that can be immediately executed upon. The PropheSee platform even allows you to track unlimited competitors so that brands constantly hold the competitive advantage, know what their competitors are doing, what’s working for them & what’s not. Finally, PropheSee’s custom reporting & client strategists are able to dig deep into data sets to surface insights that matter & allow brands to leverage key trends that can be used to optimize current strategies.

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Last but not the least, PropheSee helps brands connect the dots between their various social media & digital presences by analyzing how these platforms work together to add value for a brand. For example, does certain content drive more e-mail open rates? Did certain press pick-up drive more organic searches? Why does a piece of content work well on Facebook but not on Instagram – and what can be done to optimize this?

While most social media tools provide brands with just top-line metrics, PropheSee enables you to leverage information that matters, empower you with the competitive advantage & allow you to engage with your audience in unprecedented ways.


Who founded the product/company?

PropheSee was founded in October 2014 by a team of four co-founders. Ishaan & Harshil both attended Delhi Public School RK Puram and have been friends since. Jitesh & Harshil share the same alma mater and Jitesh came on board after understanding what PropheSee is all about. Finally, through his personal network, Jitesh met Sambhav who came on board as the Chief of Technology to build the core of the PropheSee platform.


What platforms does it cover?

PropheSee analyzes a brand’s presence across the digital spectrum. From a social media standpoint, it currently covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. With new channels added each month, PropheSee will be incorporating Google Plus & LinkedIn soon. Beyond social media, PropheSee is tracking channels such as Wikipedia, Zomato, Mailchimp, Rotten Tomatoes, Google Analytics to name a few.


Features of the tool?

With extremely robust automated & custom reporting, PropheSee enables brands to empower themselves with actionable insights. By analyzing how different platforms interact with each other, PropheSee gives brands the most comprehensive view of where they lie in their industry and the ability to monitor their entire presence from one intuitive dashboard.

Through custom reporting, PropheSee is able to provide each client with reports & strategies that are highly customized & tailored to their specific needs.

Since PropheSee is able to mould itself to every client’s specific needs, each brand uses our services very differently – whether its as a data bank, monitoring & listening tool or a full-service insights provider – PropheSee is bringing big data insights to help brands optimize their digital presences.


What analytics support does the tool provide?

Most social media analytic tools provide brands with very high-level data with no implementation ideas. PropheSee goes beyond this to conduct in-depth analysis of each social platform a brand is on and report data in a digestible, efficient format. In addition to showcasing trends and data-driven insights, PropheSee allows brands to capture actionable strategies & optimization ideas as they arise. As a tech product, PropheSee continually adds new features, reports & channels to ensure that their brands always stay ahead of the game & continue to evolve with the digital landscape.

In addition to various automated features, PropheSee allows you to schedule your posts across social media platforms so that they are shared at a brand’s best time to post, a scheduled time by choice or at that moment itself. Rather than navigating between channels, this gives clients the ability to monitor and execute on various social media platforms, all from one centralized hub.


Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes, PropheSee allows clients to download all automated reports as PDFs or CSV files for ease of work flow. In addition, clients are also free to download any graphs which they choose to render on the dashboard as images as well. Each custom report is sent to a client in a format of their choosing & strategists work with clients to help them choose the most efficient formats for the same.


What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Currently, PropheSee does not have an automated sentiment analysis capability. We have handled sentiment requests for clients wherein we use our highly in-depth data sets to capture all relevant data and then run it though a manual process to give the most accurate depiction of the sentiment attached.

PropheSee believes in the necessity to involve an aspect of human cognition to data queries as subjective as sentiment analysis and so marries pioneering technology with industry expertise to give clients the most accurate answers to their sentiment related queries.


Whats the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Since PropheSee’s sentiment analysis are not automated, they capture relevant data using the platform and then run hypotheses & statistical testing methodologies to understand sentiments.


What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Within six weeks of launch, PropheSee is working with leading brands such as Tarun Tahiliani, The Rose Group, Velvet Ferns and is in talks with various other brands that cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality requirements until the contracts are signed. With increased interest from digital/social agencies, PropheSee is also empowering these entities as an analytics partner offering them insights & analytics for their clients.


Pricing & Packages

PropheSee works on a monthly retainer & has a number of pricing plans, that differ primarily based on the need for a strategist & the number of monthly custom reports. We do not believe in limiting our clients in terms of the number of channels or competitors they track.

As we move into a platform with the ability to sign up & make payments from the website itself, the following three pricing structures will launch: basic, professional & enterprise. Of course, a custom pricing option will alway be available for brands so that they can pick & choose exactly how PropheSee can add value to the brand. Currently our plans range anywhere from USD 900 & upwards, depending on the services.


Road Map

As a tech company, we know that there is no “final” product that we can envision. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so will PropheSee. Whether this in terms of new channels that need to be tracked, new reports, new data sets or more, PropheSee aims to become a one-stop centralized platform for brands to monitor & execute across social media & understand how each channel is contributing to the brand’s presence.

PropheSee’s goal is to allow brands to better monetize their marketing efforts & understand the digital landscape like never before. In a nutshell, PropheSee aspires to be the tool that accurately works towards enhancing each client’s specific needs & requirements across the digital spectrum, including social media.


The Team

Ishaan attended Brown University, USA and worked in digital marketing analytics for Film & Television studios in New York City post graduation. During his time in NYC, he realized the potential to disrupt the Indian digital space with similar analytics and decided to move back to India to set up PropheSee. Harshil & Jitesh both attended Manipal Institute of Technology. With an experience in designing Android applications & working on the Android Kernel for Samsung, Harshil came on board as the Head of Product. Jitesh worked with KPMG and joined PropheSee as the Head of Operations. Sambhav graduated from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and went on to work at InfoAssemby & Minjar before joining PropheSee as the Chief Technology Officer.


Are you hiring?

Yes we are!