Twitter Launches Two New Features : Group Messaging and Mobile Video Experience

Twitter rolled in two new features that it announced few months back: Group messaging and a new mobile video experience.

One can now converse with a group privately via Direct Messages. This feature will help reach out to more people and converse privately with many people at the same time. This increases the options for how one communicates and with whom.


The Twitter blog say- “The home timeline is a great place to have conversations but it’s also a place to find great conversation starters.”

This function allows a user to begin a conversation with any of their followers and removes the limitation to follow each other in order to chat. It will be interesting to watch how brands use this new feature, in order to reach out to their audience.

The other feature is to capture, edit and share videos from within the Twitter app. This feature addition gives you the option of not leaving the app at all to edit the moments captured by the users.


The first tweet using the new video feature was by Neil Patrick Harris.