Twitter To Increase Revenue With Ads On Publishers Apps In 2015

Twitter is all set to plan an increase in their revenue structure with a new advertising strategy.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Twitter spoke about the new plan to bring in more advertising revenue through third-party apps.

“Advertisers and agency executives said that was a big focus of Twitter’s pitch during CES this week,” as quoted by WSJ. “The company wants to be able to eventually make the claim that it delivers the largest daily audience online.”

Someone who spoke to the WSJ said, “The social media company is planning to sell ads within streams of tweets on other publishers’ apps and websites.”

Nothing has been set in stone so far but  there were references that ESPN’s Sports Center app and Flipboard seems to be the likely options.

Twitter also spoke about its future video plans. They have been reported to launch a native video service as well.

As this is soon to take off this year it is most likely that the revenue shall be split between Twitter and the publishers promoting the Twitter ads.