10 Things Marketers Should be Doing on Twitter

Act OnTwitter marketing is complex yet a powerful form of engaging potential customers. Unfortunately, marketers often forget to utilize the platform to its true potential. Twitter marketing has evolved overtime with innovative campaigns springing up everyday, leaving marketers baffled with the use of this micro-blogging website.

This handy guide by Act-on suggests, “The percentage of marketers who rank Twitter as the most useful social network is rising. The percentage of business executives who said Facebook was their primary focus has remained unchanged for the past two years at 39%, while Twitter is becoming more popular. Twitter is now catching up, with 25% rating it the most useful social network, up from under 20% in 2012 (Useful Social Media, July 2014).”

This ebook also contains a step by step guide on how to create a Twitter lead gen card.

10 Things Marketers Do on Twitter

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