HDFC Life Sparks a Dull Industry

Insurance company shrugs off dullness; creates a happy breed of followers on Twitter, resulting in a fun marketing activity.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Breaking free from uninteresting monotony, insurance brands face on social media, HDFC Life Insurance gave Twitter followers a good laugh.

The brand got three comedians to perform a live stand-up comedy on Twitter. The campaign started buzzing on Twitter even before it had taken off. A live performance followed after the release of teaser videos and contests. The brand has put together a consolidated video.

Twitter contests were also hosted which rewarded users with vouchers for quirky answers to questions.

 ‘Insane investments’ was another property that they concentrated on.

They also had a selfie contest; who lets go of that? Selfies are a crazy web trend that we all love! But, here the users were asked to imitate comic expressions.

The brand kept popping up on user timelines with light-hearted interactive activities, which eventually led to one big campaign. Followers took a slice of happiness and lots of prizes home!

Most importantly, the boring brand perception changed to a bright one, in the minds of potential customers.

HDFC Life’s kitty was full of:

20,000 Tweets in the first week of the campaign

10,000 Tweets on the day of the live stand-up on Twitter performance

Their #StandUpOnTwitter trended for an entire day right before the campaign. For four hours it was on the number 1 position.

The campaign saw the highest user engagement on the day of the live act.
HDFC Life made 4,00,000 impressions on Twitter in just two days.