Get Socially Mobile with ICICIBankPay

If mobile banking was considered to be the hottest thing until yesterday, look at what ICICI bank is innovating on Twitter. The bank enables social transfers; allows customers to tweet money to friends using ICICIBankPay, across any bank in India.

The bank’s social-first attitude empowers customers to freely transfer money, check account balance, track recent transactions and recharge prepaid phones.


Is social media banking safe?

Banks are expected to put safety before innovation and ICICI has cracked the code. The social feature has several layers of security. Ofcourse, the bank has mastered this overtime with its constant innovations (ICICI Pocket application) on social media.

As far as data is concerned, Twitter is just a messaging platform and all data is parked on ICICI Bank’s own server, making the transactions absolutely secure.

tweet chart

Hash-tags Created by ICICI

  • View account balance: #iBal
  • View recent transactions: #itran
  • Recharge prepaid mobile: #TopUp <space><10-digit mobile no.> <space> <OperatorCode> <space> <Amount>
  • Help Service: DM #Help to ICICI twitter

The bank has become a problem solver for socially intelligent individuals on the run by offering real-time banking service.

It sure stirred a lot of conversations!