Promises Free Internet Now

Today, RCOM and Facebook announced a product that will revolutionize internet connectivity. With the launch of, this will bring internet connectivity to millions of people who are unable to afford data packs due to their high price.

This will work not only as an app, but will also serve to bridge the gap between smartphone and feature phone users, as it also works on mobile browsers. By far, the biggest draw will be that this will enable users to access popular websites at no cost. Yes, that’s correct, NO COST. Free. ZERO BUCKS!

Presently, this will be rolled out for Reliance Mobile subscribers in the circles of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala only. It will be available in most local languages, along with English.

Essential sites that can be accessed through this will include search engines, job sites, educational sites, Facebook, news portals, health and social welfare sites, sports information and online marketplaces.