Namaste Mashable!

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Namaste Mashable!

Social Samosa is delighted to welcome Mashable, the global media powerhouse to India. Read more.

The landscape of India’s social media industry has seen two major changes this month, all leading up to Social Media Week in Bangalore.

  • Global recognition and validation of our industry and all the stakeholders we serve: from brands to tools to society as a whole. The Indian story is now a global best-seller. Social Samosa foresees the entry of several large players in India’s digital marketing space. Our pie smells good, tastes good and is extraordinarily rewarding - money might have made the world go round, but now, money makes the world stop… in India.
  • Social Samosa is on it’s own journey to add value to all in the industry. We have a new CEO and an ampted up team.

Social Samosa and India’s digital marketing industry is beaming with pride. Together, we have grown our passion into a space that attracts huge global players. “The Indian social media industry received a huge boost with Mashable entering the market. Very exciting times lie ahead,” says, Hitesh Rajwani, Head of Customer Relationship Management, Social Samosa.

Mashable India will augment and localize content from They are partnering with – a portal known for it’s strength in generating original content for Indian audiences.

We look forward to meeting Mashable India and enabling excellence in our industry together. Watch this space for updates!

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