6 Things to look forward to at SMW, Bangalore

Social Media Week, Bangalore will be under spotlight for thought provoking conversations, between the 23rd and 27th of February: interactive sessions, masterclasses, and fun activities will culminate in a learning experience.

We can’t contain our excitement.

1 city. 5 days. 134 speakers.

Besides, “same old, same old” of exchanging cards, and networking, here are 6 things we think you should look forward to:

1. SMW Mobile App

Before you even get there, get the Social Media Week app. Like the zombies that we are, spend some more time staring at your phone and work out how to meet interesting people off the app. (Sort of like online dating?)


2. Stalk the #

Follow conversations with their official hashtags, #SMWBangalore. Use it to make friends before the event. Carpool with them and have a productive time at the event.

3. Keynote

Watch the demo for the “Future of connected class”; attend the keynote address, “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise Of The Connected Class”.

smw 2

4. @Samosites

Hang out with #SamositeRitu, and #SamositeAkash. We want to chat with you, share knowledge and interview! Tweet to us using the hashtag and tag @Samosites, if you want to be in our video!

5. After hours

Imbibe the area. Bangalore is known for its greeneries, breweries, and eateries, not to mention the fantastic weather.  Multitudes of these are in areas surrounding the SMW venues. (Protip: ask a local for a nearby Andhra restaurant serving chilli chicken, and another local for the best Weiss on tap)

6. Steal Talent

Bangalore is also the tech capital of India, and has several fantastic campuses to visit (which have tens of thousands of employees). Poach techies from there. (But don’t tell them we told you) or marvel at their architecture and landscaping. (this, you can tell them we told you)