Social Media Agency : Digital Quotient

Who are we?

Digital Quotient is a data driven social and mobile marketing firm that brings together the most potent forces reshaping the communication world – social media, mobile, videos and data analytics. We have a very strong ‘mobile first’ attitude with the strategic mindset of a management consulting firm, the customer focus of a digital agency and the innovation mindset of a product company. DQ combines the social expertise of Webitude with the mobile expertise of HT Mobile Solutions to offer ground breaking communication services to top clients globally.

Leadership Team:

VINISH KATHURIA : COO, Digital Quotient




SANTOSH : Head Digital Marketing



GIRISH MAHAJAN : Head-Strategy and Planning



ADARSH JAIN : Chief Technology Officer



ASIM SAH : Creative Director



PARMEET LAMBA : Head-Digital Entertainment



HIMANSHU SAXENA : Head-Mobile Solutions


What’s in the name?

With the advent of digital, everything in recent year, brands now need to up their ante in the digital space. This is our expertise and goal.


What we do?

We have divided our solutions in 6 major buckets:

arQ; Audience Marketing offering for Customer Acquisition that leverages the power of web, mobile and social media to reach desired audience, lower cost of customer acquisition & retention.

ROCQ; Analytics for connected devices, Customer Engagement that offer insights on consumer behavior to devise strategies to drive constant engagement and repeated interactions.

voiceQ; Voice Platform for audience outreach & engagement.

playQ; Digital Entertainment and Multimedia Marketing.

Webitude; End to end digital marketing strategy and solutions.

Brand Solutions; Customer Experience Design and Technical solutions across multiple Digital Platforms.


How we evolve?

Digital Quotient combines Strong leadership in each of the respective domains, complemented by combination of experience and energy in areas of Strategy, Creativity, Technology and Analytics to add value to its partners and their customers. We have taken domain experts and are creating culture of excellence in teams. 


Need of the hour

It’s the agency’s responsibility to evangelize and educate about the brand’s product, and not just be a conduit of unrealistic experimentations. Further, agencies must strive for internal team talent upliftment. Staying true to the basic premise of ethics, agencies should focus on continued respect of people’s privacy.

They work with us




Industry as we foresee

The reach mobile internet users in India is expected to reach is 213 million.

1) Mobile & Connected devices ecosystem is expanding.

2) Mobile as centralized platform will remain centralized.

3) Specialized roles such as CDO (Chief Digital Officer) will be encouraged to focus more on digital initiatives in organizations.

4) Display ad buying and impression and clicks will all move to programmatic buying very quickly.