Tata AIA Life’s #daddyaurzooey Warms Audiences’ Hearts

In an industry that is perceived as cold, Tata AIA Life has ingeniously managed to warm our hearts. #daddyaurzooey campaign took us through an emotional journey with a father and his son, highlighting their dynamic relationship.

Following the launch of television advertisements, Tata AIA Life put up an extended digital video on their website.

Gets you right in the feel, doesn’t it?

Series of happy videos are strung together on YouTube, playing out the saga of a cheerful relationship. Little joyous moments are playfully depicted in screenplays of these videos. Tata AIA Life makes you fall in love with this priceless relationship, all over again.


  • The video released on YouTube on 19th January 2015 and has already garnered over two million views.
  • The video is also highlighted on the Tata AIA Life’s website
  • Twitter’s clout furthered its popularity
  • People’s emotions were reflected in the comments section in YouTube
  • Strong emotional strings were pulled through solid delivery

Thoughts from the Facebook and Twitter community


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The film successfully draws you in with emotion, and makes you re-asses your life; which is exactly what it’s meant to do!

The ad tagline spells, “making good happen”. This is something we can all practice on a daily basis, by doing the simplest of things. Play with a street puppy or kitten, offer your delivery person a glass of water, give a small gift to a street urchin. These are all ways in which society can be part it “making good happen”.