10 Brilliant Social Cricket Insights

Cricket world cup 2015 has been the star event as always. Social Samosa and Prophesee partnered to create the social world cup tracker which narrows down to game highlights, social conversations and analysis of brand campaigns.

We are listing 10 insights we derived from the tracker.

1. South Africa leads the charts

Prophesee’s Audience Acquisition Rating (AAR) measures the brand’s outreach across all social media platforms. South Africa has the highest outreach with 58.9 AAR. India is second highest with 58.3 AAR. This also means that the two countries rank high on social media conversations about cricket.

The tool also has another feature, which is the Audience Acquisition Index (AAI). This feature reflects the mean in audience growth for 14 countries.

2. India loves Facebook; Pakistan loves Twitter

The community growth within each platform, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) has been tracked. While South Africa leads Instagram and Youtube, India is far ahead on Facebook and closely catching up on Twitter.

The community growth however, is highest on Facebook.


3. India creates highest engagement (6 lakh+) on a Facebook post

On each of the above-mentioned platforms, the social tracker tracks the post with highest engagement. India is leading, both on, Facebook and Twitter. This post on Facebook gained over 6 lakh engagement and over 5,000 on Twitter.



South Africa creates over 1 lakh engagement on this video on Youtube and over 2,000 on the Instagram post.

4. #Won’tGiveItBack tops the branded hashtag mentions

Branded hashtags are all over cricket. Star Sports has consistently been on top of all hahstags with #Won’tGiveItBack receiving 499 mentions in a day.


5. Emirates is leading Instagram growth by 900%

The community growth is unmatchable on Instagram. Emirates has completely hauled this space. Hyundai India leads on Facebook probably due to #FansofBrilliance. Star sports is ruling Twitter and Youtube.


6. MoneyGram creates buzz on Facebook with 3 lakh+ engagement

Though MoneyGram creates highest engagement on Facebook with a post crossing 3 lakh in engagement, it is hardly creating buzz on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Hence, the overall ranking is only 27 and falling.

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7. Brand videos are becoming very popular

Star sports and Pepsi are tapping the video consumption potential on Youtube. Their videos are receiving between 14 lakh+ to 20 lakh+ engagement. You can view the videos under Sponsor Stats tab on the tracker.


8. Pepsi India scores highest organic interest

Organic growth leads to lower cost and effective marketing. Though Star Sports is consistently scoring high, its organic returns are half of Pepsi India. There is also the hashtag scorecard on the tracker.

Among teams, India is leading by 4X (apart from Zimbabwe).


9. Mauka Mauka scored 4.1 million views

The tracker showcases insights on a daily basis. These are the overall insights from the stats shown everyday of the previous day’s matches.


10. #CWC15 has received over 66K mentions

Generic hashtags have been doing the round, out of which #CWC15 has emerged the brightest. Fan growth has been stunning.


More insights everyday on the #SocialCWC15 tracker by Social Samosa and Prophesee.