Social Media Agency Feature – Media Moments

The Media Moments journey started in 2012, with a 3 member team of dedicated and passionate individuals. We have worked with several global brands as well as aggressive startups, creating winning stories and campaigns along the way.

Media Moments has been consistent in its pursuit of becoming the leading Marketing Services Company in India. Since our inception, each year we have either added a new service offering or expanded to a new geographical location. We are also working on a product, which enables brands and businesses to reach out to its consumers in a disruptive manner to build the right opinion and experiences.

What’s in the name?

When it comes to brands, it is not about the logo or the punch line that people connect with. They respond to experiences that move them and stories that they can pass on. Simply put, they respond to moments that are unusual and inspiring. At Media Moments, we excel at creating such inspired brand moments.

What we do?

Media Moments is an evolved new age digital company that brings to life the finest offline and online consumer experiences. Our services include expertise in the areas of: digital and social media, public relations, influencer/ blogger marketing, augmented reality, and mobile services and products.

In the near future, MM Labs will be launching innovative products to further strengthen its portfolio.

Why we do it?

At Media Moments we believe that “products are made in the factory but a brand is created in the mind”. Consumer is at the heart of what we do and design and technology are the enablers. We believe in connecting the dots for a brand or a business in a way that leads to the right image, desired amplification, best ROI from the targeted audience. We don’t believe in selling marketing tools or an innovative product, we believe in problem solving and pushing our limits to re-imagine new possibilities for our partners.

How we evolve?

We are a team of innovative individuals who love to challenge the norm. We work with corporate giants as well as aggressive startups. This experience has helped us to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

Social responsibility in social media

We at Media Moments believe that whatever we do has a higher purpose than what meets the eye. While making a business profitable, we try to bring campaigns alive such that we give back to the society and people, in more ways than what brands or businesses had set out to achieve. In our 5 year journey, we have built several campaigns that have been thought-provoking – Anti-Tobacco Day, Say No To Drugs and many more.

We learned the hard way

We cannot run before we walk. While emerging technology and new age media is pushing all boundaries in international markets, there is a huge resistance in businesses and brands to adopt or try new things. The best way to go about this is to start something innovative with smaller projects than with the larger ones.

They work with us

Pepe Jeans, Reliance Footprints, Papa John’s Pizza, Allen Solly etc.

Industry as we foresee

Key trends we foresee in the SMM Industry:

  1. Emergence of new professionals who are proficient with new age media and their influence on the way conversations, culture, campaigns, and content shape in the coming future. What we are experiencing is just a tip of the iceberg- what we think will happen in an economy of 1.5 billion people. Bloggers, Influencers, prosumers, new media (online and offline) will evolve further.
  2. Technology will enable disruption. Internet of Things will significantly change the way we communicate and broadcast. Augmented reality and interactive experiences are merging experiences and social media platforms into new consumer realities.

A day without Internet

Will be introspection, self-evaluation, meditation and more. The beauty lies in having the right balance.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are. We are looking at huge expansion for the next 3 years. It’s an aggressive stand we have taken in saying that if you don’t grow you stagnate and sink.