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How do we define Media Moments

We are an integrated marketing communications company that consults human to human businesses to communicate effectively in a world of hybrid media. We love the challenge of consumer science that exists in the complex and dynamic Indian market.

Being a 10-year-old establishment, we aim to bridge the gap between marketing communications and data science in order to provide brands a more researched, measurable and ROI based solutions to communications while being creative and relevant to their consumers.

What's in the name?

We live in a world where nothing is standalone anymore. You can never define where PR ends and where ORM begins. You can’t say social media is only for brand building and not for selling. The digital boom has blurred lines and erased borders between platforms and media.

Everything and anything is media today. Even people are media. Since we love creating a platform and media-agnostic ideas that are WOW moments versus campaigns, we couldn’t think of a better name for ourselves than Media Moments.

What do we do?

We aim to create WOW moments for consumers to engage, interact and adopt products and services. Hence, we work across Creative, Social, SEO, Digital, PR, Community and more. For a full list of services, visit our site.

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Why do we do it?

Would you ask a carpenter why he does what he does? It the only thing we know how to do. Each of us at Media Moments, though from various backgrounds, have a very common drive. It is the need to do something new and innovative that solves problems and manages to catch a few eyeballs. It’s like adrenaline, and we’re hooked to it.

How do we evolve?

We stay abreast with what’s happening online in the social and digital space by encouraging everyone at Media Moments to live a socially active life online. We’re regular Facebookers, Instagramers, Tweeters, and Tik Tokers and that’s what keeps us ready and capable of any digital challenge that our brand partners throw at us.

Social responsibility in social media

As soon as you enter the online social realm as a brand or as a representative of a brand, you need to realize that you’ve left your space behind. The consumers have all the control. In other words, you are just a guest in someone else’s home. Which means you have to abide by their rules and their disciplines. All you can do and must do in this space is to listen, learn and add you're interesting two bits to the millions of conversations around you.

We learned the hard way

We’ve never actually had to face a situation where we had to apologize for hurting someone’s sentiments on social media. We’ve always been very careful about what we say and show on social platforms. After all. Not only are we responsible for our actions but our actions will also adversely affect our brand partners.

They work with us

We have a good roster of brand partners that has a good mix of products and services across industries. On one end of the spectrum, we have consumer tech brands such as TCL and Alcatel and at the other, we have beauty brands and fashion brands like VLCC and Reliance footprints. It’s a good mix that keeps our brain cells firing all the time.

The industry as we foresee

We think if not already today, in a few more years, social is the web. Social media, though in various forms, shapes and sizes, will become the web itself. Websites, landing pages, digital banners, in their current forms will become redundant and old-fashioned. Everything you do on the web will be done on social media platforms right from creating awareness to selling to aftersales service.

Social media, in a sense, will be the currency that runs economies and businesses in the future.

A day without Internet

The only way we can describe a day without the internet is a holiday in the Himalayas or a day when you are too sick to even open your eyes.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for a fresh infusion of talent in all departments. We love having interns all year round. Currently, we have senior and junior level requirements in copy, content, art, and client servicing.

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