Axis Bank revels in customary rituals

Axis Bank is celebrating the energy behind the screen during the ongoing cricket World Cup. Unlike most other brands who are focusing on the players & the game, Axis Bank is celebrating those who make the game what it is – ‘the fans’ with it’s #SuperFanRitual campaign on Facebook & Twitter.

The #SuperFanRitual campaign showcases fans in their true, quirky colours, showing their support for their team through crazy rituals during the match. Be it not moving an inch from the seat, or not showering on the day of the match, almost every cricket fan has some ritual or the other which they practice during every match. Even if one doesn’t have a ritual of their own, we all know someone or the other with a quirky ritual and a crazy story, and the brand is tapping into that to get even more users to participate.

Axis Bank is getting fans to tag their friends who practice crazy rituals, share images of lucky charms on Facebook & Twitter, adding wit and user generated content to their content strategy. Users have received and connected with this campaign strongly. Twitter timelines are populated with entertaining responses.

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Here are the top 10 rituals we loved while scrolling:

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Consuming content gets more exciting with this campaign. Axis Bank is gifting the fans their moment of glory by illustrating some of these responses, giving it a visual spin.

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Keeping it short and sweet, the bank’s hashtag is scoring high on the trending charts during #CWC2015.

The best examples of marketing are always about how well a brand connects with its audience. This campaign certainly gives Axis Bank a human imagery, and one that has its audience involved in its journey. While the bank sports responsibility with #Share4Green, it also wears humor on its sleeve. A great marketing mix, don’t you think?