Bollywood Biggies Ranbir, Pritam, Anurag Basu and Terence Lewis battle it out on Pepsi’s pitch

Pepsi has rolled out a YouTube video with top celebrities; Ranbir Kaboor, Virat Kohli, Anurag Basu, Pritam, Terence Lewis and Anushka Sharma. The video contains multiple short bytes of stars, claiming ownership of the best role in an upcoming Pepsi ad film.

Pepsi has been a pioneer in storytelling. In the recent past, series of Youtube videos produced by the brand, have strengthened its foothold in this form of marketing. Taking the pioneering act, a notch higher, Pepsi has a refreshing concept. It has launched a trailer for an ad film.

This video seems to be a snippet, showcasing a gathering of most talented celebrities in their respective field, with close Bollywood connections. It is exciting to watch them banter so sportingly. A peek into the upcoming ad film, every now and then, keeps us guessing whether this is just an ad or will it offer more.

Anushka Sharma makes a cameo towards the end, stirring some more jitter.

This video brings out the message that every role, be it of: a director, writer, musician, choreographer or actor is equally important.

We are tracking Pepsi closely to keep a tab on the next video. If you are as thrilled as us, share your guesses about this video by tweeting to us.