DBS Chilli Paneer – A Definitive Leap in Content Marketing

DBS Bank screened the #DBSChilliPaneer series on a microsite, subtly connecting brand objectives to drive view and shares on social platforms.

Marketers at DBS Bank are giving a tough competition to BFSI brands in content marketing. This campaign encourages brands to look beyond quick marketing solutions.

Considering the limitations banks have been self-imposing on social media, this looks like an interesting step towards a lift-off.

Food, Love and Television

Indians have little in common but food, love and television are an intrinsic part of our national identity. DBS Bank’s Chilli Paneer campaign spoke to India using most talked about topics on social websites.

Involving Customer in Narrative

In a land of storytelling, DBS created a social storytelling community. Iconic advertisements have forever accommodated excellent narrative skills.





A good story will always be shared. On social media you could multiply these shares by minimizing efforts. Easy hacks to create share worthy content on social:

  • Understanding the emotional quotient (EQ) of the user
  • Concentrate on influencing the influencers


Clearly, the brand has stormed the internet with a story, effectively disguising its marketing activity. Videos showcasing pop culture and short films are celebrated big time on social media. It is the first time a brand has initiated such a sustainable web property.

Any form of marketing that is longstanding will win. The brand has brilliantly sparked a dull industry.