Digital channels now include physical experiences in real world

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Digital channels now include physical experiences in real world
Enabled by a richer view of the customer, digital experiences are starting to change how we shop, open hotel room doors, interact with our cars and buy soda from machines. Adobe unveiled today new solutions and capabilities that are helping marketers to make the most of these new opportunities.

At #AdobeSummit, Adobe's annual digital marketing conference in the U.S., Adobe unveiled major new innovations in Adobe Marketing Cloud that enable brands to bring highly personalized experiences to physical spaces like retail stores, hotel rooms, vending machines and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. The new IoT SDK lets brands measure and analyze consumer engagement across any of those devices. What’s driving this is the digital transformation of the enterprise, catalyzed by the marketing department. Previously siloed, marketing data is now being used in concert with data collected by other departments like sales and customer service, creating a richer view of the customer.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud helps brands use their online marketing data to create unparalleled personalization in retail, entertainment, and travel and leisure experiences,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president, Digital Marketing at Adobe.

The new Adobe Experience Manager Screens enables marketers to extend content experiences to touch-based screens in physical locations, such as retail stores and hotels. A single user interface with cross-screen support connects the content with mobile apps and brand experiences across the Web to ensure consistency.

Adobe Target support for the Internet-of-Things enables marketing optimization and data-driven personalization across any Internet connected device like car dashboards and game consoles.


New Intelligent Location capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud allow companies to use GPS and iBeacon data to optimize their physical brand presence.


In addition, Mobile Core Services and Adobe Analytics let marketers measure and analyze customer engagement within content and apps across IoT devices using the new IoT SDK, which is an extension of the Mobile SDK.

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