Can hot ideas be lukewarm on social media

Huawei’s Honor brand of smartphones focusses on image technology, superior crafting, and most importantly: a long battery life. They are live streaming the phone’s battery life.

With the amount of surfing, downloading, talking, texting and watching we do with our phones, it is a debatable whether any number of promised battery hours could satisfy smartphone users across the board. That said, if there is one thing every smartphone user wants regardless of brand, is a longer battery life. There have been half-hearted promises by brands before, but Huawei’s Honor just took the bulls by the horn and came face to face with this urban demon.

Now you can literally see how long Honor’s new phone can last. They are live streaming their new upcoming model, Honor x4, and inviting anyone to call its number (07045386911) until the battery completely drains and the phone shuts off. The person who was calling when the battery dies gets a brand new Honor x4. At the time of writing this article, the live stream had clocked at 113 hours and 52 seconds and the battery still had juice! This after back to back calls from users who are trying to win the phone.

We think a company putting their claims out there for the world to see is bold move, and ultimately a validation and belief in their product. We are adding stars to this fresh campaign that attacked a specific problem in the smartphone industry by creating a fun, transparent, and interactive platform. The smartphone industry is thick, consumers are picky, and similar features are seen across brands, so how does a new idea like publicly testing a battery life gain traction on social media?

Well stretch your bowls out for an extra-helping of sad sauce. While the idea is quite smashing, the trending on social media isn’t too hot. Facebook boasts mediocre engagement, and twitter isn’t tweeting about it. Perhaps the win could be the number of of people heading to the live streaming video.



#BraveStories is another plugin on the microsite, which is resonating the brand image.

honor brave stories

Good ideas and authentic execution doesn’t always result in social media magic. This doesn’t mean that good ideas aren’t worth pursuing. Social media is also silently doing something much more powerful than picking up trends and collecting likes. Social media is documenting firsts and seconds.

It is becoming a historical record of how people have connected, impressed consumers, and changed mindsets. This is why a good idea is worth talking about because it may be months later when a product does exceptionally well. When we look back we might observe they had a great campaign idea to boost its success, even if it didn’t get to walk down the social media red carpet.