Instagram Lays Out Layout

Aakanksha Patel
Mar 24, 2015 08:13 IST
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Instagram Lays Out Layout
Instagram layout is an independent iOS application that makes it easier for brands and users to build photo collages. With the selfie generation growing manifold, Instagram has finally launched its independent photo collage application.

TechCrunch reported that one in five monthly active users of Instagram use a collage app at least once a month, an insight that our friends over at Instagram have clearly tapped into, making this a powerful creative tool for both - brands and consumers!

This native app simplifies collage making by introducing 3 handy tabs: All, Faces and Recents, which helps you avoid the mundane task of browsing through heaps of photos in order to create your perfect collage. Similarly, the app has a bunch of neat tricks in the bag such as auto-centering image, photo booth, mirror, auto arrange and a whole bunch of grid options.

Consumers didn’t waste any time downloading the app, some even promoting branded content organically. Here are a few of our favourites -

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Layout will, without a doubt, spark many ideas for brands that already generate their highest social media engagement on Instagram through organic creative content. We can think of some amazing DIY ideas off the cuff for makeup, stationary, F&B and even FMCG brands. Imagine Pinterest meets Instagram collage!

Infact, some brands didn’t waste any time getting ahead of the trend by posting some great content using Layout.

Check out what Sephora did with their lip contour tutorial -


Victoria Secret guaranteed engagement with their pretty + puppies post -


While we know that some brands will use this tool to focus on product visuals, we hope that brands go above and beyond to use the application as creatively as possible. For more information on Layout, click here. To download it on your iOS device, click here.

Note: Currently available on iOS only, but an android version is said to be in the works.

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