LINE enables user approach for Freecharge

With 181 million monthly active users in 230 countries as of January 2015, LINE has moved beyond a simple messenger and has evolved into a genuine life platform.

While LINE pioneered changing users way of mobile communication into more expressive ones by offering variety of stickers, today it also serves as a social hub, gaming ecosystem and utility enabler for services such as taxi, ecommerce and payments (and this is still expanding every month).

LINE also solves some of the difficulties brands face in figuring out how to leverage the mobile ecosystem by progressing into a life platform for mobile users. It started out with official accounts and branded stickers. Numerous sport and entertainment brands are tapping into this opportunity- FC Chelsea, FC Barcelona, NBA, Sony to name a few. Users do not only follow updates from official accounts but also interact with brands in real-time during “On Air Mode”, when the official accounts can read and respond to messages from users.

The use of LINE must-buy stickers is a feature that allows users who purchase a certain product to download a special set of stickers.

In a week long campaign, LINE users shared FreeCharge stickers with groups to win cashback of Rs 60 on a recharge of Rs 30 by FreeCharge.


  • To build a strong connect with FreeCharge by leveraging the LINE platform
  • To help brands leverage LINE users’ social network to propagate the brand by sharing their stickers
  • To encourage conversations around the brand on LINE
  • To attract LINE users to experience the brand by offering a benefits of the FreeCharge service and hopefully convert them into long term customers

The campaign was designed for Indian users and ran for one week where LINE users who shared FreeCharge stickers with their groups, in conversations for 5 days, were gratified with a cashback of Rs 60 on a recharge of Rs 30 by FreeCharge. Users opted in for the engagement on their own and drove the campaign to become viral on the LINE platform.


The week long campaign resulted in some remarkable results in terms of reach and engagement.

Stickers sent – 6.3 Million

Number of vouchers distributed – 3,50,000

The campaign reflects LINE’s commitment to working closely with Indian brands to provide an effective way of engaging consumers. Through such engagements, LINE helps brands to connect and engage with consumers and make brands a part of the user’s communication.