Part 2 - [Interview] Ritu Gupta, Dell India

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Part 2 - [Interview] Ritu Gupta, Dell India
This is continued from the first part of the interview with Ritu Gupta, Director – Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India. She talks about social loyalty, influencer marketing and Instagram marketing.

How do you approach social loyalty?

We launched our Facebook Engagement program called “My Dell Rewards” last year. A customer focused program aimed at building a deeper engagement with consumers, the Facebook Rewards program is a first of its kind exclusive engagement initiative.

It is a social loyalty program built around three levels of engagement for audiences to obtain and accrue reward points. The first level is simply to register with the program on Dell India’s Facebook page. Users can then increase points by referring the program to friends, family, acquaintances on their social network, thus increasing the reach of the program on social media. The third level of engagement involves users being a part of ongoing conversations and participating in contests hosted on the Dell India Facebook page.

Participation in these activities helps users to earn and accumulate points on an ongoing basis. These reward points are redeemable on the purchase of select Dell products from Dell’s online retail portal - Dell Express Ship Affiliate (DESA). These points are also transferrable, so users can also gift them to a friend or a loved one. Through this program we are able to engage with customers exclusively, at the same time making our range of products readily available for consideration and purchase.

What’s your take on leveraging evangelists online? 

We believe our customers are the best brand ambassadors. In fact, being present on the social medium has encouraged an increasing number of satisfied users to independently evangelize the brand. We deliver a versatile product portfolio, combined with services, accessories and warranty offerings, and let the experience speak for itself.

That said, there are different sets of influencers amongst the audience, who are a testimony to the usage specific offerings that Dell has. The youth, for example, forms a large part of the focus for our consumer range of devices. We have made conscious efforts to communicate with these consumer groups in their comfort zones. An example of this is the recently launched ‘Dell Campassadors’ campaign -a pan India college campus engagement program to engage and interact with India’s college student community. The programme aims at creating a deeper commitment with youth through college campus ambassadors, known as ‘Dell Campassadors’, in over 50 colleges that specialise in engineering/management/science and humanities across 9 cities. Each college will have 2 Campassadors who will be the key driver and coordinators for their college and student body engagement with Dell and INKtalks.

How do you approach Instagram?

Dell has presence on Instagram, which is leveraged by all countries including Dell India. Since it is a visually potent network, the content primarily constitutes posts around our devices, tips & tricks, engagement with key influencers and stakeholders, as well as events. The Instagram page for Dell can be accessed here.

Introduce us to the social media agency you work with.

Gozoop is our digital service partner for social media content and strategy. While we believe it takes at least 6 months of working on the brand to get to know it completely, we are always open to new ideas and a creative approach in order to maintain a fresh perspective on the brand and communication.

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