The Social Cricket World Cup Players; teams; brands; and you. Stadium? Social, ofcourse!

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The Social Cricket World Cup  Players; teams; brands; and you. Stadium? Social, ofcourse!

Social Samosa partners with PropheSee, a digital marketing analytics tool, to bring you a parallel championship: the Social Cricket World Cup (#SocialCWC15), where the action on the field takes a virtual spin.

Enhance your ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 experience by exploring the interactive world of social cricket. #SocialCWC15 tracks every match, each team, every brand and all fans. How do these integral pillars of the sport hold up on social media?

Various channels won the rights to host The #SocialCWC15

  2. Twitter: #SocialCWC15
  3. Facebook: SocialSamosa

What is the equivalent of a 6 on social media? Is there a duck… #quack? Which fan screamed the loudest? Are brands gaining ‘aam admi’ ambassadors? Most importantly, where is Sachin?

Think of BIG DATA as the ‘BIG DADA’ in the Social Cricket World Cup. Social Samosa and PropheSee’s daily tracker ranks teams and sponsors, based on their social participation. ‘Participation’ here is an aggregation of both mentions and unique forms of engagement.

Fans sharing views and commentary during matches are ranked according to ‘enthusiastic expert’ score with a special mention for the most engaging fan.

"We're extremely excited about our collaboration with Social Samosa to create this exciting one-of-a-kind Social Cricket World Cup daily tracker,” said Ishaan Sethi, CEO of PropheSee.

Elaborating on the need for powerful digital analytics for brands, he added, “ Our aim is to empower brands and users with insights into how teams and sponsors are leveraging the social media landscape to reach audiences and drive conversations. With the immense amount of social media content surrounding the World Cup, this tracker will bring forth key quantitative and qualitative trends throughout the tournament."

Wait a minute, if this is a sport, a social battle of teams, who takes home the cup?

“Each match is reviewed with social twist. Presenting the Social Cricket World Cup Awards:

  1. Social Man of the Match - the player who captures the hearts of the viewers, gathering the most mentions on social;
  2. Social Brand of the Match - the brand that leads viewer engagement on social during those vital hours that have us screaming at our screens;
  3. Social Fan of the Match - why shouldn’t you get a prize? After all, haven’t you dedicated the better part of the month to the sport? The Social Fan of the Match award recognises the binding and sometimes blinding power of cricket. The spectator who engages the most on social during the match wins. The ‘social stadium’ is level and fair, but gladiators roam amongst us. @NarendraModi was the most re-tweeted during the India vs. Ireland match.” Ritu David, CEO of Social Samosa.

Track the #SocialCWC15 tracker! Know who wins our hearts and captivates our minds during each match. Will it be Kohli or another century from Dhawan; someone unexpected perhaps? Which brand will smile all the way from the ‘hashtag-bandwagon’ to the boardroom?

Stay tuned to see who wins. Oh and dear Brands, kit up! You’re in the ‘Social Stadium’ and the match has begun. Fare well, or farewell.

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