#SulaFest’s highest outreach platform becomes Instagram

#SulaFest2015 received unparalleled response on social media with an overall outreach of 69.52 Million (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); a higher proportion of the outreach being organic.

With a bunch of new festival concepts coming up, Sula wanted to stand out from the crowd. The brand already has a reverent following, but it strives hard to host new audience and bulk up the fan following, year after year. This time Sula planned a promotional campaign that spanned over four months in three strategic phases. The challenge was to keep the motivation and enthusiasm consistently high.

The objectives were clear to draft a befitting strategy, which included emphasis on close interaction with fest goers.

During the first phase of the pre-event promotions, the event page registered an attendance of 5300 ‘going’ tags. This was a build up to the larger integrations and activities the brand did on ground as well as post the event.

The content strategy activated nostalgia followed by series of engaging posts: #SaveTheDate, #SulaFestTips, 10 day countdown to the fest, and teaser videos on YouTube. These unique activities were well supported by the regular FB and Twitter contests, involving fans and friends of fans via tagging.

The online response was replicated at the venue. The Sula fest was covered live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fresh additions this year were – the Instagram booth for instant pictures and the ‘best of the fest’ daily Instagram video.

The #SulaDrone captured aerial views of the fest and vineyard like never before and was the most exciting addition to the festival. Afterall,

We all have a good time

When it’s music, food and wine!

The results achieved with the activities –

campaign sula results

The fans largely expressed their happiness on Twitter and #SulaFest was trending on both days.

The case study contains an elaborate description of activities. It also shows a comparison in social media marketing results from previous year.