Tanishaa Mukerji Loves Twitter

We interviewed Tanishaa Mukerji about her social presence, big boss win and her take on voicing opinions using social media. Read our candid chat and then follow her on Twitter.

It also happens to be her birthday today. We wish Tanishaa a very Happy birthday!

You are relatively new to social media, compared to your counterparts. How has the experience been till date?

I wouldn’t say that I am new; I’ve definitely become more active.  But compared to the rest of the members of my family I’m like a serial social networker.  My mom just can’t figure out Facebook!

What clicked you to join social media? Are you still exploring this vast field?

I studied media and marketing in university and we explored the implications of the digital age. Today social media is a huge marketing tool. For cinema, celebrities and even our politicians. It’s expanding and it is a very interesting time in India to be on these platforms and be a voice.

Do you think that interacting with your fans has become relatively easier with the advent of social media?

Of course. I love getting to know my fans. It’s a direct connect to them. Social media is destroying the superstar persona and allowing people a closer view of the individual behind that persona.

If not social media, can you think of any other medium to get up, close and personal with your fan base?

Emails and Fan interactions during film promotions – The usual way that was before social media. Still remember that time.

You were a finalist in Bigg Boss 7. Do you attribute this success to your fan community on social media who pitched for you, day in and day out?

Definitely! Social media is constantly promoting you. There is no other form of continuous marketing. It’s on your phone and your phone is with you everywhere unlike your TV. And I love all my fans on social media – they are a superb! Lot of fabulous, positive, fun,intelligent and creative individuals.

How often do you interact with your followers or answer them?

As often as I can. Sometimes it’s twice a day and sometimes not for days but I try to always show them how much I appreciate their love and support.

Has social media provided you with an opportunity to voice your opinion on certain matters, be it your personal or professional life?

I would not discuss my personal life on Social Media because I would not appreciate everyone’s opinion on it. Everything else about me, I put out there as I love letting my fans see the real me and also, I get a glimpse into their lives.

If Tanishaa were to introduce a trend on social media, what would it be?

I think trending is getting outdated as I just usually see paid stuff there. And people just write rubbish to be part of the trend.

So if you’re going to trend, it should be something fun!

The most weird/stupid/funny/hilarious comment that has caught your notice on social circuit.

People who send me marriage proposals.